Document Conversion Services

Document Conversion Services

Document Conversion Services Outsourcing India

Document Conversion Outsourcing Services

Allianze BPO has established its reputation by dint of perseverance and honesty. This document conversion firm transforms, formats, and edits handwritten manuscripts, printed content, articles, documents and memos. This is the best document conversion company which has web based tools to download documents for extraction and then proper modification. It provides the topmost data conversion service at affordable rates.

Sophisticated Image Scanners

Allianze BPO has the legal permits to operate the data conversion business. The highly sophisticated image scanners and data conversion tools ensure the rapid data translation, upgradation and editing programs. Upgraded OMR, ICR and OCR tools are used by employees to isolate digital textual matter from the snapshots. The company uses a number of different document conversion software tools to change the document from XHTML to SGML and other machine readable formats. The accuracy is maintained to convert documents. There are other formats like DTD which are opted for ensuring the perfect data conversion without indulging any technical error. Informative periodicals and manuals are also scanned and edited by experts.

Hi-tech Data Conversion Checklist

If you scrutinize the checklist of data conversion options, youll get a clear idea about the data transformation and reformatting options. The following data conversions include

  • Excel to HTML
  • PSD to XHTML
  • CSV to XML
  • GIF to TGA
  • PPT to XML
  • DWG to JPG
  • PDF to DOC
  • PSP to PDF
  • DOC to TIFF

Allianze BPO has the international reputation in providing the world class document formatting service. Competent technical experts are given the tasks of data conversion for a successful completion within the deadline. Secondly, documents can be transliterated into foreign languages keeping the meaning same. There will be no distorted paragraph or any structural defect in the content. There are multi- fonts for formatting digital textual stuff. Documents are properly arranged in order for the sake of better display in the sites. You can save your converted documents in the personal database for future usage. There are good options for deleting, editing and inserting new words into the content if required.

On account of the proper application of data conversion tools, you can shift documents into mobile devices. You can operate your laptops, tablet computers, smart phones and the iPods to get access to the online database for checking and collecting the formatted documents. There is also a good feature to send the converted files via fax machines. XML or Extensible Markup Language is being used by people randomly to reformat the documents. However, it is also true that this XML system has been misused and improperly handled. This well known document transcription and scanning firm has achieved success in upgrading XML data conversion process. Easily, people can transcribe MS Word, PDF files and HTML into XML formats. This reputed firm has international clients. So it is not a unrecognized data conversion firm.

Accurate Data Conversion and Formatting

Allianze BPO gives the 99.99% assurance to correct, edit and format digital data applying ultra-modern techniques. Highly efficient data entry operators know how to make data informative, well organized and authentic without making any grammatical error. In this connection, experts are ready to send a drafted/facsimile edited copy to you for getting your feedbacks. If you have any enquiry in this regard, you should talk to the representatives.

FTP data uploading system is advantageous to protect data from damage and virus attack. In addition, data entry operators like to install powerful anti-virus software tools to safeguard files from being corrupted. An upgraded data cleaning software is also in hand to remove the irrelevant corrupted documents for enhancing the proper security of digital files and data.

Finally, this Allianze BPO is also expert in editing, and formatting video games, graphics, 3D pictures, animated films and video clips. It can scan lengthy commercial movies. To top it all, it always offers cheaper document conversion, and image scanning services to consumers.