eCommerce Product Categorization Services

eCommerce Product Categorization Services

eCommerce Product Categorization Services

If customers are unable to find the products in your site that they are looking for, then they would not be indulged in any buying process with your online retail stores. Good product taxonomy has now turned out to be quite important which will allow having an improved user experience and increasing site usability. Whether, you are running an apparel or hardware online store, it has to be well planned and the balanced site taxonomy comes with different benefits for online channel.

Deeper product page optimization, easy integration, product level merchandising, upsell and cross-sell opportunities are some of the benefits that can be achieved through product categorization services. The product content should be easily accessible and can be navigable and it should be presented in logical and hierarchical structure that comes up from top level categories to smallest level of detail.

Our high end solutions

Clear and precise collection taxonomy will make sure that the important product data is offered by vendor partners at outset. The units of measure can easily be converted and standardized for local audience. You will get the opportunity to define collection guidelines for vendors which would include determining of attributes and related values that would be in need of data without overburdening the vendor partners.

Highly effective ecommerce taxonomy will be considered and will determine how customers can search the site and also consider overall structure. This will ensure that the website architecture and arrangement of descriptions, images and categories are associated which can offer an improved experience for shoppers. Whether you are in need of expert review on current product taxonomy or you want to partner assist you in construction, we are here to help you.

E Commerce taxonomy services

  • Product classification
  • Attribute data cleansing
  • Attribute product definition
  • Data localization
  • Collection taxonomy definition
  • Taxonomy mapping

The categories, labels and site users that are applied to items will be looking for need which should be identified for effective product catalog design. Our professionals give you the opportunity to work with us and help to develop standardized categorization that can easily improve user experience and also contribute to the growth of business channel.

  • Accurate product categorization: It is the fact that most of the online retailers take the opportunity to place 80% of products into 20% of categories. Therefore, we ensure that all the products are correctly categorized and also take the privilege of changing the categories which are not generic and unbalanced.
  • Major online retailers: Our highly experience with categorization help to offer solutions in product categorization Amazon, product categorization eBay which means that we can handle any retail sites with ease?
  • Smart categorization: Our highly skilled team will start with categorizing of products from the very bottom and start with SKU. We identify the correct product type for each SKU and it is being categorized while following simple steps.
  • New product categorization: We ensure that all the new products that are added to site are reviewed individually by the team and check the category to identify whether they are placed in the right option.