Legal Research & Contract Management

Legal Research & Contract Management

Legal Research & Contract Management Outsource India

Legal Research & Contract Management

The reason why most companies outsource their service is that it allows individuals and organization to help them focus on what they are best at, their major competencies. Now days, outsourcing is not a new principle for law firms say for example for long years many organizations had outsourced their services and had excelled. For the time there are many organizations which use virtual assistants such as administrative specialist or paralegals, and are working on offshore, on-shore/ online. These paralegals are capable are capable of producing/ creating work products to the lawyers as per their requirement. All these services are capable because of the availability of high speed internet and such service supporting outsourcing had achieved the global market.

Our experience and research helps client in finding right business models and to explore business opportunities in the right way. We offer

  • Patent review and searches
  • Statutory & Regulatory Approvals/ Licenses
  • Pre-entry Market Exploration
  • Legal research
  • Case citation summary research
  • Paralegal and clerk support
  • Vendors and Customers due Diligence
  • Post-Entry support such as Accounting, Audits, Legal, HR & Payroll
  • Tax Incentives and Locational Analysis
  • Litigation support graphics
  • Accounting supports/li>
  • Transcript voice files from trials and hearings
  • Data entry Services

This is not regarding a practice of law, but all it concern is providing high quality and low cost legally supported products to licensed lawyers.

We are excellent in:
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Compliance & Due-Diligence
  • Corporate Search
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Legal Service-Corporate Law & Rule
  • Business Process Outsourcing Service
  • Corporate Restructuring

    Customer can benefit from our experienced and innovative services. Our skilled and expert team will help you to identify the best business opportunity and partners globally. Our services support you in financial re-engineering & business valuation, deal negotiation and structuring, internal restructuring, joint venture, equity divestments, planning, advising mergers and amalgamations, strategic acquisitions and takeovers.

    Corporate Compliance & Due-Diligence

    Now a day, most of the organization had started adopting governance practices for doing business. It allows the businesses to face the competition in the global market at the same time it also serves as a parameter of transparency, fairness, accountability, disclosure to maximize the value of stakeholders. Our Corporate Compliance & Due-Diligence service offers:

  • Due Diligence Report
  • Licensing and Approvals
  • Corporate Compliance Management
  • Accounting Service
  • HR Service
  • Legal Service Support in Ongoing Compliances
  • Secretarial Support Services for Ongoing Compliances
  • For reporting fallbacks periodic audit services
  • Corporate Search

    Are you an investor looking for a business acquisition, a director looking for an appointment in unknown listed companies, then hire our service and hence you can receive right information from us, that you are looking for. We a number pre-identifies user, under corporate search such as

  • Investors
  • Competitors
  • Directors
  • Regulatory Bodies with their information requirement
  • Corporate Taxation

    Corporate Taxation, the highly research oriented area, which covers both the direct and indirect taxation and is one of the main division of corporate taxation. We are following a tailor-made strategy, which help the client to effectively manage and plan taxation. We cover a wide vertical of services such as:

  • Handling Search & Survey proceedings
  • Corporate Tax Planning & Management
  • Opinion on Tax Matters
  • Excise Matters
  • Tax Assessments and Representation before Tax Authorities
  • Tax Appeals before Commissioner, ITAT, High Court & Supreme Court

  • We also assist you with Business Process Outsourcing Services. We make you aware about the Legal Service Corporate Law and Rules such as:

  • Company Law Rules
  • Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
  • The Partnership Act, 1932
  • The Companies Act, 1956
  • Limited Liability Partnership Ruels, 2009
  • Societies Registration Act, 1860

  • Seek our support before starting to engage with corporation business, make a clear awareness about the legal matters contributing to your services/ business and products.

    We guarantee you that all the information regarding the client and their business will be kept confidential. For this reason global clients are approaching us and we feel privileged to support you. Rather than the above mentioned services we also support the following Legal Outsourcing:

  • Contract Monitoring Outsourcing
  • Contract Management Outsourcing
  • Contract Drafting Outsourcing
  • Contract Drafting Services and Contract Monitoring, Management
  • Electronic Discovery Outsourcing
  • Electronic Discovery and Litigation Services
  • Document Review Outsourcing
  • Legal Pleadings Outsourcing
  • Litigation Document Management Outsourcing
  • Medical Malpractice Litigation Support Outsourcing
  • Medico-Legal Outsourcing
  • Legal Documentation Outsourcing
  • Legal Pleadings and Documentation
  • Legal Research Outsourcing
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Publications
  • Intellectual Property Law, Patent, trademark
  • Bankruptcy Filing
  • Bankruptcy Filing Outsourcing
  • Paralegal Outsourcing Services
  • Paralegal Support Services
  • Pleadings and Documentation
  • Simple legal filings
  • Patent drafting
  • Document Review
  • Proof Reading
  • Litigation Support

  • For more information contact us.