Social Media Branding – 10 Strategies Every Business Should Follow

Social media networks are extensively being used by businesses to extract information on potential customers and markets. These networks are also being used significantly for marketing their products and services and also for brand recognition campaigns. Using the social media networks for digital marketing or Social media marketing is not as simple. Since social media [...]

Gig Economy and its Influence on Business Process Outsourcing

Micro-specialization is getting popular among BPOs. Even though most of the Offshore Outsourcing Services providers offer a variety of related business processing services, the Gig economy has helped them catch up faster among the start-ups. Most of the start-ups prefer working away from offices and hence save considerable overheads by avoiding an office space. But [...]

The Impact of Digital India on BPO Sector

Indian Government’s Digital India program will be a big boon to outsourcing and ITeS companies. The government has decided to boost the Offshore Outsourcing Services from India’s remote locations by providing them easy access to advanced technologies and innovative ideologies. This along with the ‘Make in India’ program, Indian BPOs are all set to improve [...]