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Privacy is a significant element which should be maintained at every reputed and successful organization. And we, Allianze BPO International do not lag behind in this concept. We believe to safeguard and keep the data of our clients confidential and secured. Similarly, we follow certain privacy techniques to protect our services and success. Our privacy policy serves the needs of those who are concerned about their ‘Personally Identifiable Information’, is being used on the digital platform. Kindly go through our privacy policy to understand how we collect, use, protect, and handle your PII in agreement with our website.

Outlook of our Privacy Policy

During the time of collecting the personal information of our clients, we make sure to identify the purpose for which the information is being collected. While registering, we may ask for your name, e-mail address, and phone number to smoothen the process of communication. We generally collect the information while filling a form or subscribing to a newsletter.

  • We collect the personal information for certain purposes, only with the complete consent of the individual concerned. We will recollect the information as long as we need to meet the desired purpose.
  • We strongly believe in collecting the personal information through fair and lawful means and with the appropriate consent of the individuals concerned.
  • We collect the information only which is relevant to meet your requirement. The information should be accurate and up-to-date.
  • We do not use any cookies neither do we involve any third party products or services on our websites.
  • In case, we need to collect information from kids below the age of 13 years (it happens rarely), we abide by the norms of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.
  • Under the CAN SPAM Act, we collect your e-mail address but ensure not to misuse or mishandle the address or contact details.
  • We assure to protect and safeguard your data against any loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, and any sort of modifications. We do not ask for your credit card numbers and adopt the means of regular malware scanning.
  • We make the privacy policies and practices open to our customers.
  • If you need to subscribe or unsubscribe our services anytime, make sure to drop us a mail at [email protected]

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