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Allianze BPO International has been successfully rendering high-quality oriented outsourcing services to 200+ clients, since the past five years.

We offer a wide and diverse range of services, right from PO support services, market research analysis, and mobile application developments to SEO and content writing.

Our services satisfy the clients belonging to various industries and we ensure to meet their requirements within a stipulated time and at an affordable rate.

1. Banking and Financial Sector

Banking and Financial sector is one of the major areas that require the BPO outsourcing services, after the IT and Call Center vertical. Brokers, insurers, banks, and the accounting firms makes up as our clients from the banking sector.

Segments: Retail banking, Commercial banking, Capital Markets

  • Fraud risk and compliance management
  • Mortgage services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Tax processing services
  • Invoice processing
  • Streamlining the financial operations with the utilization of the financial accounting software
  • Payroll processing services
  • Financial analysis services
  • Comparison of inward and outward cash flow
  • QuickBooks accounting services

2.Healthcare Sector

The technological advancements have led to an increase in the demand for the various health services. We assist the healthcare companies to balance the cost, achieving greater customer satisfaction, and improving the process efficiency.

Segments - Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Pharmaceutical companies, and Durable medical equipment manufacturers We serve the hospitals and other healthcare firms with the various assistance such as:

  • Medical billing and coding
  • Form and survey processing
  • Healthcare software
  • Medical animation
  • Healthcare claim decision
  • Medical writing
  • Numerical data mining
  • Information mining
  • Patent landscape analysis
  • Document management services


With the invasion of digitization, the world of retail has faced a huge transformation. From dealing with the physical stores in the competitive market to the online stores, the retail sector deals with a wide range of challenges.

Segments - Internet retailers, Hypermarkets, specialty stores, chain stores, luxury retailers, department stores, general merchandise stores, loyalty program companies, direct response marketers, multi-brand outlets.

  • Revenue management solutions
  • Back-office solutions
  • E-commerce website development
  • Product data management
  • Catalog and content management
  • E-commerce SEO and SEM


Every insurance firm has to deal with a bulk amount of data on a daily basis. Data entry is a time-consuming task and it will minimize your focus towards the core activities. To avoid such issues, we offer the insurance data entry services to the insurance sector.

Segments - Insurance companies, Policyholders

  • Insurance claim data entry (health, medical, and vehicle insurance)
  • Data entry for claim settlement
  • Data entry service for mortgage claim
  • Claim management
  • Brokerage Services
  • Data entry service for worker's compensation insurance
  • Home insurance claim data entry
  • Disbursement insurance claim form
  • Death insurance claim forms

5.Shipping and Logistics

Logistics is a major factor that drives the effective supply chain management. But, the logistics industry faces a lot of challenges. With the adoption of the business process outsourcing strategy, the shipping and the logistics industry has benefited a lot in terms of less operational cost and improved efficiencies.

Segments - Ocean shipping industry, Express, Rail industry, Third-party logistics provider, and trucking

  • Processing of Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Processing of the freight payments
  • Pre-audit services for the freight payments
  • Post-audit services for the freight payments

6.Consumer Goods

It is a sector which deals with the stocks and companies that relates to the items purchased by the individuals rather than by the manufacturers. The rising cost, high competition, product commoditization, and changing consumer demands, it's high time that the consumer goods sector should rethink to update their strategy.

Segments - Food production, Packaged goods, Clothing, Beverages, Electronics, Online shopping, and much more

  • Supply chain solutions
  • Revenue management solutions
  • Next generation customer service solutions
  • Back office support
  • Product data management
  • Catalog and content management
  • eCommerce SEO and SEM

7. Travel

The return of the global economic stability has created a huge impact upon the travel industry. It has become essential for the travel industries to meet up the expectations of the customers in this world of digital connectivity. We believe that an effective content such as the stunning and precise description of various places can encourage the travelers to pack their bags. Segments - Airlines, Travel agents, Hotels, Car rental companies, Tourism firms, and much more

  • Accounting Services (order-to-cash, record-to-report, procure-to-pay)
  • Travel writing service
  • SEO for Web content

8.Media and Entertainment

- The process of digitization has created a positive impact on the media and entertainment industry and has led to a higher growth. The increasing demand for the personalized content and the contemporary technological platforms are changing the consumption pattern of the industry.

Segments - Publishing house, New media, Studios, Social Media

  • Digital functioning
  • Smart strategy solutions
  • Royalty management
  • Next generation customer services
  • Back office
  • Internet marketing
  • Web content writing
  • Website development and re-designing
  • Graphics and Multimedia


Today, as the concept of digitization has crept into the society, the education sector too, is progressing to outsource the data entry requirements. With a decrease in the revenues and an increase in the administrative costs, the institutions are looking for the outsourcing service providers who can offer the effective solutions at an affordable rate. We combine the Business Process Management and the latest technology to create better solutions and help the various educational fields with the data entry and back office tasks.

Segments - Training Institutes, Schools, Colleges, e-learning companies, Academics, Universities, and Massive Open Online Course

  • Registrations
  • Research assistance
  • Social media and market exploration
  • Application management
  • Background verification
  • Logistic and housing helpdesk
  • Attendance management
  • Student database management
  • Procurement
  • Surveys and campaigns
  • Mailroom services


The growth of social media firms, Internet service providers, and Information technology is compelling the telecom companies to outsource their day-to-day requirements so as to save the cost, effort, time, and valuable resources.

Segments - Firms that are engaged in wireless telecommunications, broadband Internet, Wi-Fi, satellite TV and phones, cable, and much more.

  • Designing the planning and support
  • Android App development
  • CMS development
  • Technological solutions
  • Order entry
  • Order validation
  • Track on-time delivery
  • Device details and configuration upload

If you feel that, your industry falls among one of the above-mentioned categories, we are ready to undertake your small yet productive tasks at a reasonable rate.

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