Data Processing Service

Data Processing Services

Allianze BPO International provides an unbeatable range of proven data processing services. The crew comprises of skilled professionals, acquiring the ability to capture the raw data from various sources and presenting them in a presentable format. With our online and automatic data processing solutions, we’ll maintain an insight track of your crucial data. Being the best offshore BPO company in India, we ensure to provide accurate, consistent, and economical results at a shorter TAT. Our hands-on experience will bring together various databases via anomaly detection or other data mining techniques. Unstructured or structured, our staff will simplify the practice of data processing service with immediate effect.

ABI is experienced in serving a majority of the industrial domains such as healthcare, retail, banking, education, and so on.

ABI’s Data Processing Service Focuses on:

  • Detecting the patterns
  • Identifying future trends
  • Solving the critical business problems
  • Obtaining opportunities from actionable insights

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Collecting raw data


Analyzing the data


Data sorting


Organizing the data


Data interpretation


Storing the data

ABI’s Data Processing Services

  • Form Processing Service

    – Intending to capture, interpret, and modify the unorganized data into an organized one.
  • Image Processing Service

    – Working on the varied image sizes and bringing out its excellence enormously.
  • Insurance Claim Processing –

    From digitizing and verifying to displaying the essential data in electronic form.
  • OCR ICR Services –

    Making the best use of OCR and ICR technologies to enhance all kinds of data processing.
  • Benefits of Joining Your Hands with Allianze BPO International

    • Processing any volume of business data at a stretch.
    • Keeping the final database organized and free from errors.
    • Rendering the output in a user-friendly digital format.
    • Possessing extraordinary multi-domain expertise.
    • Following flexible outsourcing models.
    • Integrating the first-class infrastructure.
    • Keeping up with the standard data security norms.
    • Adhering to the global data management policies.

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