Market Research Services

Market Research Services

Market research is essential for all types of business decisions and marketing strategies to take place. Allianze BPO International provides superior businesses and international companies with reliable and accurate market research support services . This helps the industries to expand their market or launch new products or services and stand up with their competitors. We provide the finest support solutions to help the market research companies in obtaining a consistent competitor analysis report. From documentation to digitization, we’ll help these emerging research companies to meet the market criteria.

Our services allow the industries to stay up on the market developments and check upon the market size. Industries like banks and the financial sector, retail sector, healthcare sector, insurance, shipping and logistics, media, and entertainment could make use of our services.

Our Marketing Research Services

Through outsourcing marketing research support services to us, our talented pool of professionals, researchers, and analysts aim at better marketing solutions.

Our broad spectrum of marketing research support services include:

Questionnaires data entry

We provide efficient questionnaire data entry services, to generate the data for better business decisions. As a primary step data collection is performed then we work on the documentation. After that, we digitize the final data into formats and provide reports in time.

Survey Forms data entry

From the market research survey, product survey, or any other form of a survey, we extract and enter data quickly. We allow the businesses to get all the required information through our documentation from the conducted surveys.

Data Analysis

We are the best in providing quality based data analysis. Through the analysis, Allianze BPO International aims at providing its customers with data quality, data cleansing, and observation analysis.

Web and Email Survey data entry

The data from the web and email survey is checked and data analysis is performed by our research team. Through this service, we provide the business with better quality reports.

Market research analysis

Here we aim to extract informations about the customers, target markets and other marketing efforts. The data visualization tools are used to generate the reports on the results obtained.

Competitor Analysis

This is done by collecting the data about the target customers and product category. It includes information about the employee count, founding year, investors, customer count, market share and strengths and weaknesses.

Our Market Research Work Flow


Understand the research objective


Collect the market research data from questionnaires, survey forms, web, and email surveys provided by the customer


Perform data analysis


Understand the market research data


Clear out any queries if present


Perform market research analytics


Perform competitor analytics if required


Report generation and provide it to the client in the required digital formatt

Know our advantages for you

Allianze BPO International has years of experience in the field of market research support services. We always work hard to achieve a better relationship with our all-time customers. By outsourcing market research services to us, we provide the following benefits.

  • Better accuracy in reports.
  • Present affordable prices based on the customer needs.
  • We have a pool of experienced professionals, resources, and technology to handle client requests.
  • Provide better market research analytics.
  • We have the best infrastructure and provide better data security.
  • Fast turn around times.
  • Provide 24/7 customer service at the best.

Better solutions for you

Allianze BPO International an offshore outsourcing company in India is one of the trusted partners in providing market research solutions at its best. Our reasonable and effective rates on the services help the customers to focus more on their core business. Mail us at [email protected]to know more about the services.

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