10 Cool, Quirky Facts You Didn't Know About Crowdsourcing

September 07, 2017

Crowdsourcing is an unambiguous approach, which permits the internet users to contribute their ideas via internet medium which can be utilized by individuals or firms to attain the required ideas or services etc. It is a procedure to get work or funds, from a group of people generally over the internet. The main motive is to procure the work and then get it outsourced to a mass of people by the Offshore Outsourcing Services. This procedure can grant the firms with fresh ideas and concepts, in-depth user interface solutions, the prospect for recreation, enhancement of tasks, and slashed costs. It is a big hit as all sorts of assignments and developments are being targeted at and it aims to find a solution to complicated issues and postulates confined data.

Features of Crowdsourcing

The idea behind crowdsourcing is to get superior quality of data and better ideas, and it is believed that it is better to seek advice from many users than one. All the users work with a common aim which in general is the improvement, to find a solution to the existing problem and increased efficiency. So the idea is a collective contribution to reach the solution. Many western and European countries prefer offshore outsourcing to India to crowdsource ideas and resources.

  • Crowdsourcing as a concept is the involvement of people who work as freelancers, or ones who work part-time or on temporary basis, but this is generally voluntary. These users submit their ideas by the usage of social media, phone apps etc.
  • Crowdsourcing comprises of finding a solution to the more complicated undertakings which can be undertaken by a large and professional group of people.
  • The concept of crowdsourcing is even though quite popular since recent times however it has been in the market much before. There are a lot of facts regarding crowdsourcing that remains untouched and are not very popular. Let’s discuss 10 cool and quirky facts which are quite a wonder:
  • It has been ever since 1930 – The brand Toyota crowdsourced its first logo and the brand initials by the means of a design contest which had about 27,000 entrants.
  • Big business loves it - The old school of thought used to incur heavy investment for marketing purposes and used to derive fewer profits from those. However, with the advent of crowdsourcing be it a new idea or logo, more information can be gathered with less expenditure
  • Crowdsourcing was effectively used by The US Navy against their anti-piracy plan - The pirate game which is very famous amongst the kids was in reality a pirate game which was developed keeping in mind the real life scenarios so that the army could see what all strategies the gamers make use of and which could be then copied by them as well.
  • Crowdsourcing helps to resolve the science mystery - Science and crowdsourcing have indeed a long and successful partnership. It has been seen that NASA uses crowdsourcing to be in on the forefront of innovative ideas. The games that use crowdsourcing also help in resolving the mysteries of the human characteristics. E.g. Phylo Games.
  • It's a fast and effective translator - The widely used CAPTCHA codes are also an innovation of crowdsourcing and are not just another way to inform the segregation between human and robots. This idea was put into practice by Google where the users suggested the idea to eradicate spams. Companies can crowdsource Data entry services to benefit from expertise and experience.
  • Plotting Longitude - Much before the arrival of the prevailing maritime instruments, sea travel was very slow and even very risky. Marine chronometer which makes it easier to measure longitude is also the brainstorm of crowdsourcing as a reward was kept for a person who could plot the longitude in a precise manner in order to increase speed and consume less time, making sea travel smooth and adventurous.
  • Google - Majority of the people is unaware that widely used engines like Google and Wikipedia are the brainchild of crowdsourcing. Thus when we look up for any information we surely find it on Google and it is a search machine that provides all sorts of facts and data. This information is not provided by Google but by a means which is a group of people and it is the top most search engine used in present times.

So we can say that crowdsourcing is a way to exploit business outsourcing services from worldwide and can help small or big firms to smoothly thrive to a new dimension of ideas, also assisting the companies to run through a quicker logo and design models.


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