4 Social Media Trends that will Lead Businesses in 2018

February 01, 2018

Social media has become the most inevitable medium for businesses for data and marketing. Different social media platforms are boosting business campaigns thereby helping the brands reach and engage with more customers every minute. With millions of users sending billions of messages every minute, Social Media Marketing has become a norm for businesses to reach out to a larger audience. It’s no secret that social media networks unveil a great amount of information on customer behaviour and purchasing patterns to the businesses. Moreover, social media networks also function as a great market for brands. Hence businesses need to keep track of the popular trends on the social media so that they can also adopt them according to the nature of their business. Here are some interesting social media trends to look out for in 2018:

Influencer Marketing

Though influencers are already ruling the social media, influencer marketing will get more popular in all types of social media networks in the coming months. Influencers are people who have a large network and can vouch for your brand. Influencer marketing can help brands to build a strong following among the social media users. Many educational and baby products are actively using Social Media Monitoring and influencer marketing to win over a good audience. Brands should identify the right influencers and utilise their network to grow their business.

Live Streaming

It is a well-accepted fact that live-streaming videos can help reach a great audience and get noticed easily. Business events are live-streamed which receives instant responses and can also be shared later on social networks. Facebook came first with life-streaming. Now since LinkedIn has also introduced video sharing, such videos can also be shared on LinkedIn. Moreover, many websites also offer live-streaming of special events supporting the popular Social Media Trends. 2018 will see more brands utilising live-streaming to engage with their leads and customers.

More Brands Subscribe to Social Listening

Social listening is a strong way to understand your leads and customers. You can learn their behaviour, purchase patterns, likes and dislikes, and even what they plan to buy in the recent times. Social listening is the method used to closely watch the public activities of your target audience so that you can pitch your brand at the right time. Providing personalised pre-sales engagement is considered very important for lead generation and nurturing and social listening plays an important role in understanding those leads. This trend is fast gaining popularity among brands that are planning to strengthen customer engagement and lead nurturing.

Customisation Chatbots

Most of the Digital Marketing Companies make use of chatbots to engage their own customers and the brand’s customers intelligently. In 2018, we will see the use of customizable chatbots that provide more personalised interactions with your customers based on the data accessed from social listening. This will be crucial in providing human-like interactions with more intelligent leads as well as customers.

As the internet and technology are expanding exponentially, social media will also share a critical place in the global market. With Facebook opening its marketplace on its social media, it is fast growing out of the perception of a personal networking media. Similarly, we will soon see more social media networks play critical roles in business development.



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