5 Proven Tricks to Attract Customers through Product Data Entry

May 11, 2017

Data entry can make a huge impact on your product catalog. If ample care is taken during the data entry of product catalogs, it can be made attractive, accurate and consistent which are the basic requirements to keep the customers browsing through your products online. Online product catalogs are very important as the customer gets all the details of the product including the product’s image, features, and price from it. This is crucial in the customers’ decision-making process. It has to be self-explanatory and attractive at the same time. Here are some important points to consider while you offshore Outsourcing Services for product data entry:

Images that are High-Definition and taken from different angles

When a prospective customer views your product images on an e-Commerce website, the images have to be of good quality. It must not get blurred when zoomed as customers may zoom in the images to get a closer look. Another important aspect is to make sure your website has ample images of the same product taken from different angles. Even though it is difficult to include too many images, 4 to 5 images of the same product from different angles would be ideal. So image editing becomes one of the important aspects of e-commerce Product Data Management. Outsourcing image editing is more desirable as it requires some expertise and high-end technology.

Attractive Product Description

Once you have the images in place, the next important aspect is the product description. It has to be attractive, self-explanatory, use simple language and Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Business outsourcing firms that provide product description data entry services will have experienced resources for handling all these aspects of a product description. SEO is important to reach out to a larger audience.

Completeness and Consistency

Product description has to be complete and consistent. You have to make sure that the product name, brand name and company name are consistently used in the description. This will help in increasing your product and brand familiarity among the customers. Complete details must be provided so that the customer can take the right decision. Ecommerce Product Data entry done by experienced professionals will be complete and consistent. You can achieve this by outsourcing product catalogue data entry to a competent outsourcing firm.

Pricing and Discounts

Other than the image and the features, the price and discounts offered will attract many customers. Competitive pricing will place your products in a good market. The pricing details will have to be clearly mentioned along with discounts if any. The MRP can be displayed, and the discounts and discounted value can be highlighted. This is a great way to attract more customers and data entry must be done to effect these details.

Terms and Conditions

The payment, shipment and other terms and conditions must be clearly mentioned in a simple language so that all the customers will be able to understand. If there are any special conditions to be highlighted such as ‘no return’ and terms of guarantee etc they should be highlighted. The data entry service provider will have the right resources to input these details officially and simple terms.


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