5 Outstanding Reasons for Insurance Companies to Outsource Data Entry

December 17, 2019

Data entry is the most important task in every industry. The same applies to insurance business too as it deals with big volumes of data on a daily basis. Hence, correct data entry is a must to run the business efficiently and keep the customers satisfied. If adequate data entry is not done on time, then the insurance company will find it difficult to verify the data on time and take any decision. The information on the papers must be maintained in the database so that the claims process is smooth and easy. Data entry must be done carefully as small mistakes may lead to big problems during the verification. Insurance companies do not have access to skilled data entry workers. Data entry, as it is not one of the core skills, would require a trained team. Hiring and investing to build such a time would drain energy and cost. The way out of this problem is finding a competent insurance data entry services provider for outsourcing. These companies can assure data quality and accuracy. Outsourcing data entry is helpful for the insurance company as it saves on cost with reduced time and effort. Given below are some reasons why an insurance company should outsource data entry.


When the work is given to a reliable outsourcing company one can be assured of a high level of accuracy in data entry. The service providers can give 100% accuracy as they have skilled resources and years of experience in doing such work. To ensure optimum accuracy in data entry, the services provider has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies with the manual entry work. Insurance data entry work is audited many times so that the data entered is correct. This level of accuracy is possible if the firm outsource insurance data entry services.

Data Security

The organization need not worry when outsourcing insurance data entry work to offshore companies as they sign an agreement for privacy. The data entry outsourcing companies take data privacy seriously and they have a control on it both in manual as well as electronic way. The organization needs to check that the company been chosen for data entry services has a good track record and it’s a trusted name.

Bulk data processing

When the data entry work is completed by outsourcing it to a service provider then a huge volume of data entry can be completed on time. Even with strict deadlines, data entry service providers finish the allocated work with a high level of accuracy. This is achieved due to their experience and skills along with many people to finish the work on time.

Cost benefits

Outsourcing data entry work helps in saving on the cost of infrastructure, software, and technology. The organization can use the revenue in the development of other core functions or business. The cost incurred in outsourcing is way less than setting up an in-house team of data entry experts.

Turnaround Time

Insurance claims and verification's need huge volumes of data and as the outsourcing companies work in a 24/7 format, they have data entry experts working on different shifts. This makes the insurance company get the data entry work done at a quicker pace and hence can meet their deadlines.



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