7 Key Trends for Business Process Outsourcing in 2020

November 14, 2019

In 2019, the enterprise had enough issues related to elevated talent shortages, elevated alternate protectionism, and political gridlock. However, presently, the best BPO company is definitely displaying increased optimism regarding marketplace rules. Businesses are also getting benefited via progressive technology including cloud computing and digital automation. Global outsourcing provider companies are anticipated to apply new technological improvements to correctly deal with market demanding situations, decorate services and products, and manage skills shortages – whilst assisting preserve working costs low

Here are some of the trends in outsourcing BPO we can expect in 2020:

Trend 1 - Emphasis on Process Automation

New technology which have developed during the last few years, together with robotic technique automation (RPA), have all started to affect the BPO industry. Before 2000, the customer support enterprise changed into absolutely depending on websites and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for transferring a name to the right consultant.

Trend 2 - Multitasking to Overcome Skill Shortage

25 years in the past, BPO was synonymous with call centers. This old perception has been changed with inner enterprise functions like accounting, human assets, net design, coding, and other tasks. A considerable chunk of BPO businesses is making an investment in new technologies of their providing international locations. Due to increasing stages of professional work, 52% of companies are concerned about a talent scarcity within the BPO industry. BPO powerhouses like India and the Philippines have also been going through an ability shortage over the past few years.

Trend 3 – Start-ups turning into BPO Customers

The past few years have seen a sizable surge in start-up growth. Start-ups face a lot of stress to prevail under time constraints with constrained assets. With a small price range to lease skills, these small groups often appearance remote places for value-powerful exertions.

Trend 4 – Increased Transparency

In the past, most effective huge multinational BPO businesses have been a lively part of the enterprise. It became challenging to get statistics approximately the regulations and contracts in the course of this time. Most personnel on the client side have been inside the dark about era stack, plans, task areas, and other strategies.

Trend 5 – Continued Growth

The currently popular outsourcing locations like India, Philippines, and Malaysia will retain to peer boom in 2020, coupled with some demanding situations.

Trend 6 – Politics to Affect Investments

The changing government scenarios will have direct impact on trade, tax regulations, visas, agreements, and guidelines. The upcoming elections affect the businesses.

Trend 7 – New Outsourcing Destinations to Emerge in 2020

Over saturation and reduction in enterprise boom in the top three outsourcing international locations have led businesses to search for alternative price-effective places. Here are the 5 international locations on the way to grow to be new locations for outsourcing in 2019:

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Romania
  3. Egypt
  4. Mexico
  5. Colombia

The forthcoming trends in BPO for 2020 look positive. Growing competitiveness from new outsourcing destinations coupled with the strain on organizations to run profitably could be the using forces in the back of the increased boom in the BPO industry.



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