A Step by Step guide to Converting PDF to Excel

May 04, 2018

PDF files are great to store information and share them. But they are difficult to access and process without the right editor. Businesses and Business Intelligence software usually prefer If you have an Adobe PDF Viewer/Editor, it becomes an easy job to convert the PDF to excel. Even though for one or two files, you can easily convert such files, when it comes to bulk conversion, you may want to hire the best bpo companies in india to effect the same. Otherwise it becomes a monotonous and cumbersome job. Here’s a step by step guide to convert PDF files to Excel:

The easiest way to covert a PDF to Excel is if your editor allows you to open the PDF as a Microsoft Excel File. In that case, you can open the file as an excel file and using Save As, save it as an Excel file in another name. But this may not be fool-proof. Some data may not be separated properly into distinct columns which will have to be done manually

The PDF Conversion Services provider will usually adopt the following procedure: Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. For Partial Conversion: Choose the Table or text to convert into an Excel Sheet
  • Right Click and Choose one of the following:
  • Copy text to table
  • Save as Table
  • Open table in spreadsheet
Choose one of these options to open the text in a new table or to keep in memory. For Total Conversion:
  • Choose Export File option
  • Choose Export to Excel option
To export Many files: Adobe Acrobat 9 version offers simple conversion of multiple PDF files into Excel files.
  • Choose Export Multiple Files option
  • Add the source PDFs to convert
You can choose a different file name for each exported file or keep the original names. Don’t forget to choose export to Tables in Excel option. That’s the easiest way to Convert PDF to Excel file. But when it comes to more complex data with thousands of records, such conversions may take a lot of time. Moreover, there may also be corrections to be done in the final excel file before it can be used for processing. That’s a meticulous job and usually done by a competent outsourcing partner who’s well-experienced in PDF to Excel data conversions.

Why outsource such a simple task?

Large files with thousands of records or thousands of files to be converted everyday will take up a lot of time and effort. PDF to Excel conversion also requires manual reconciliation to ensure that data is converted properly. When you consider a competent Outsourcing BPO Service partner for conversion, they will have better automation tools that will ensure better data integrity and quality. This is essential since data conversion to excel is done to make it available for various advanced MIS processing and analytical purposes. Such technologies and expert resources will be available with the outsourcing service provider who will also ensure quality output delivered on time. Moreover, the outsourcing firm offers all these at a very cost-efficient price for the parent company. These are reasons that prompt every business to get their PDFs converted to Excel by an outsourcing expert.


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