What does Automation and Artificial Intelligence have in BPO Industry?

October 10, 2019

Business process outsourcing is the best option for any business to evolve in the market. It helps in getting the customer queries resolved most efficiently. The BPO service provider not only has the specific process and equipment to take customers calls but also, skilled resources to perform the task and resolve the issues in the stipulated time. Similar to every other sector, changes are going on in the BPO sector too which makes the work easier and gives accurate results.

Artificial intelligence and Automation are new technologies which are incorporated in the BPO sector to make improvements and get the tasks easier to perform. Adopting artificial intelligence in BPO industry gives the call center agents better accuracy and data quality both of which are essential to survive in a highly competitive market. Apart from the business value, an upgrade also helps the BPO sector to provide the company with savings. How AI and automation optimize the call center work is mentioned below:

AI for process optimization

The artificial intelligence technology is not new to the world. It has been an evolving technology over the years. There are various parts of BPO industry such as the call center that has used AI-driven technologies which in turn makes the process easier and more efficient for the customers. Now, the technology is being used in various departments such as invoice generation, product value or service used in a click. AI in BPO can also rectify badly scanned image or text quality and index documents. With lesser human intervention, the business process is more optimized. It also improves the overall productivity and speed of the process.

The Hybrid method for better productivity

The best way to benefit from the new technologies for a BPO is to take the hybrid approach where both a combination of automation and artificial intelligence are used. These help in finishing tasks with less effort, the process can be maintained for huge volumes and less resource required to deliver the best results. The hybrid approach, at the same time, requires a lot of effort in successful implementation. The concept needs to be evaluated basis proper requirements gathering and feasibility. So, with the right combination of both human and artificial intelligence technology, the best output can be achieved. This is very crucial for the organization and its employees.

AI cannot replace humans

Artificial intelligence technology is not here to replace humans as the skilled workers who have experience in handling different troubles across various process perform better tasks. With the new technology, the workforce gets to experience in handling troubles which come across the process. The technology provides better output and helps them learn new things in extra hours. Artificial intelligence not only improves job profiles but also the client experience. So overall it shows a positive influence on the BPO industry as they can grow economically.

Take care of redundant and mundane works

The advancement in new technologies has made the call center outsourcing companies include process automation. Here the work is done by robotic agents or the supercomputers as the repetitive work can be finished in very less time. AI data management can do the same work as humans at a cheaper cost. Though if both the technology and manual work are used in combination then it would provide productive results. This way the best of both are included. Employees will get an opportunity to enhance their skills while the company would see an increase in work efficiency.



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