Contribution of AI in the Transformation of Content Marketing

November 27, 2020

Technological advancements have a huge impact on business organizations. Gone are those days when organizations had to invest a huge amount on manual performance. With the rise in concepts such as artificial intelligence development, machine learning, etc. a majority of the business firms are finding it easy and hassle-free to accomplish their goals. Content marketing service is one of the many areas that has witnessed an impactful transformation due to AI penetration. 

Today, a majority of the organizations are into professional web content writing and blog writing services, and thereon, content is one of the significant elements in every business.

In the past years, we have known that blog writing and content marketing services were considered to be a challenging and time-consuming process. Business organizations had to invest in hiring in-house content writers and marketers to create the best content strategies within a limited time. But, with the evolution of AI services, things have become quite easy. 

Artificial intelligence development service has been successfully speeding up the content creation and marketing process. AI will enable your organization to create effectual content marketing strategies instantly. With the integration of AI development in the mainstream business, the various content writing activities such as planning blog topics, keyword research, web/blog content writing, scheduling the social media posts, analytic reviews, and content automation has accomplished a huge benefit.

AI’s Contribution to the Transformation of Content Marketing

Personalized Content

AI will help in creating customized content according to the demand of their viewers. The AI-based software will access the customer’s data (age, contact information, location, used devices, etc.) and extract the information, thereby, enabling to understand the visitor’s preference. Based on the gathered content, the software will develop content that would suit the taste of your customers. The concept of content personalization can also be used while creating social media posts. The top-notch social media platforms tend to use the AI practice for customizing the News Feed according to the user-preferences. It has been noted that users get attracted to posts wherein the content meets their taste. The AI-based algorithms will enhance the website or social media traffic engagement through personalized content.

Engagement Via Chatbots

Chatbots utilize AI to portray a conversation with the users. One of the finest present time examples of a chatbot is the Facebook Messenger wherein the chatbots are utilized for answering the real-time queries. It enhances the quality of interaction with the customers. When a user initiates the interaction on your business social media page, chatbots will automatically send the promotional content. These AI-powered chatbots are trained to make the optimal use of machine learning concepts for monitoring the interactions on social media accounts. Chatbots will help you in accomplishing a quicker answer, resolving the complaints, etc. with the help of rendering excellently drafted content. AI-driven chatbots are the best ways to enhance content marketing strategies. 

Automated Content

AI-integration helps in developing automated content which is one of the effective ways for reducing the time involved. AI will enable your organization to create and distribute content with the finest automated solutions. Amid the ongoing business innovations and trends, a good amount of manual content and repetitive data can be automated with the use of AI strategies. AI will take the accountability of implementing activities such as web search, analyzing the market trends, scheduling of various posts (especially on social media), analyzing the gathered data, and so on. It’s one of the best ways of saving time and money. AI will help in automation tasks, thereby, enabling your manual workforce to concentrate on the core functioning. The AI-powered marketing tools will aid you in planning, personalizing, optimizing, analyzing, measuring, and promoting the content.

Enabling Prediction

Generally, most of the organizations face difficulty to analyze what kind of content is required by a specific set of audiences. It is important for you to develop content that would resonate with your audiences, whether it be a blog, social media post, article, etc. The integration of artificial intelligence strategies will reduce the time that is spent on planning and developing the content. Content planning includes a good prediction, for example, what type of content will your customers prefer. AI will help you in creating content that would establish an excellent connection with your new and existing audiences.  Also, AI will boost the predictions related to the content type, based on the algorithms and analytics. This will ultimately lead to the development of engaging content, resulting in business success.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence development practice has been constantly changing the content marketing services and is assisting the digital marketing companies or marketers to develop well-informed business decisions.

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