Tips to Selecting Data Entry Service Provider

June 14, 2018

The expansion of BPO services and the rising turnover over the years have proved that offshore BPO services is here to stay. The backoffice job of data entry is one of the first which was selected for outsourcing of BPO services with the target of cost-cutting but it comes with various other perks. Outsourcing data services can be optimized if it meets the following steps-

  • Identify the data entry services which can be outsourced
  • Utilize the skills of the outsourcing service providers to get an insight to the analyzed data
  • Use the new insight and understanding to improve the product and customer services
  • Realize the benefits to the business

Tips to Consider for selecting the Data Entry Service Provider

There is a lot of research to identify the apt data entry services India provider for business outsourcing. India is the most popular country for outsourcing the BPO services as it provides an environment with skilled and efficient talent pool. Certain factors need to be considered to identify the appropriate fata entry service providers.

Data Security – Data security is the biggest concern for the business these days as it leads to breach of customer trust. While selecting a service provider, it needs to be validated if they are using multiple layers of security at each step of the process. The security and encoding protocols used should be compatible with the end business systems and database. Cost – Costing is important for any services but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. With several competitors available it needs to be identified which provider meets the business requirements at the best rate. Usual trends show, for long standing relationship cost is not of utmost importance to the business or the provider but the trust and partnership.Infrastructure – It needs to be ensured that the BPO outsourcing companies have the infrastructure and the resources available for the selected outsourcing services. This is necessary for data processing with speed and accuracy.Data Integrity – It is important to ensure the integrity and correctness of the data throughout the data processing life-style. There should be checks in place and an audit trail to ensure no data is lost or corrupted.Experience – Well-established service providers come with the experience and exposure to deal with various challenges and having the right resources to handle such situations. The company should have the experience to handle data to the particular industry and are familiar with the traits of the industry.Quality – The quality standards need to be set and accepted by the data entry business provider. The turnaround time for the data entry services need to be defined in advance and the service provider should be willing to deliver in the time-lines. Delay in providing the deliverable could impact the business adversely. .

Customer Testimonials – The customer testimonials help to get an insight into the strengths and weakness of the service providers. It always helps to check what people with long term relations have to say about the service provider.

Customer Support – Customer support is a vital factor when outsourcing data processing services. With businesses working in different time-zones it needs to be ensured there is 24*7 support available in case of the emergency requirements or discussions.

Market Study – Study the various market trends and technology innovations to help identify the best service provider.


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