The Impact of Digital India on BPO Sector

May 19, 2017

Indian Government’s Digital India program will be a big boon to outsourcing and ITeS companies. The government has decided to boost the Offshore Outsourcing Services from India’s remote locations by providing them easy access to advanced technologies and innovative ideologies. This along with the ‘Make in India’ program, Indian BPOs are all set to improve and provide nothing but the best quality services and deliverables to its clients. The Digital India program is meant to boost the Indian economy by way of promoting IT Enabled Services and other Digital Services that are largely depended by the US and UK organizations for their outsourcing requirements. From data entry to providing excellent customer service, a BPO Company India provides them the best quality services. Digital India will provide more opportunities by providing excellent incentives and subsidies to set up the infrastructure for BPO services, especially in the rural areas. This will help generate more employment opportunities in the remote areas too and ultimately in the overall development of the country.

Infrastructure Development

For implementing the Digital India program successfully, the government is planning to lay optical fiber cable in over 2.5 lakh villages in India. This is the basic requirement for establishing a successful ITeS business outsourcing venture in far off remote places where there has been little scope for development so far. Once the BPO sets up the office using the incentives and subsidized technology and devices, they can recruit some of the locals, train them and employ them for providing various services such Data Entry, Call center, technical support etc. This brings in more employment and money in the local economy which helps development.

Developing the Talent Reserve

India has very high education standards and produces some of the top IT talents in the world. The top IT CEOs like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Shantanu Narayen, Rajeev Suri etc are all of Indian origin and India has been producing the world’s best IT resources. By providing ample provisions for promoting IT education and career opportunities, the BPO Services India is providing a promising platform to the budding talent resource of India. Moreover, unlike the typical 9-5 office job, these jobs offer more flexibility to the employee which is why many youngsters are looking forward for the program eagerly. For promoting more IT people, the government is revolutionizing IT training in schools, colleges and other training institutes. The government is also subsidizing job-oriented ITeS training programs.

Technology Infusion

BPOs require the right mix of latest technologies along with skilled employees for delivering quality services. From data entry software and devices that automatically capture quality information to data processing and reporting tools, the BPO has to maintain the latest licensed versions of the software used for data management, storage and security. A call center also requires various devices for receiving and recording calls, accessing information and providing the customer with quality information which are quite expensive to set up and with the Digital India initiative, all these have become easier to access in subsidized rates.

The government has given tax benefits for Indian outsourcing firms under the Make in India and Digital India programs. The policies have also been relaxed which attracts more UK, US and other countries to outsource their business processes to Indian organizations.


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