Important Metrics In Digital Marketing For A Winning Strategy

February 18, 2020

Digital marketing has become the most influential aspects of business marketing strategies these days. It is easier to reach more people in the most cost-effective way using digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing opens up a huge potential for online businesses. One of the most important advantages of digital marketing over the conventional marketing is that it is measurable. The metrics you get to derive from digital marketing can help identify what strategy seems working and what doesn’t within a short term. This helps the marketing people to rework on their strategies as identified by the metric to come up with better ones that yield better results. Offshore Digital Marketing Services providers will be able to help businesses to draw an effective marketing strategy with the right metrics. Here are the most important metrics to consider in a winning marketing strategy.

Unique Visitors

One of the most important metrics to collect is the number of unique visitors to the site. It is important to know the unique visitors to understand how effective the target filtering has been in the social media and the other marketing sites opted. Outsourcing PPC Management Services will help businesses to collect these metrics most efficiently as they will have the experts for the same.


The source of the lead is very important to understand how well the marketing strategy has been successful. Social Media Marketing Services Outsource India will keep track of the links and find out the source of the lead. This helps them to concentrate on better sources and expand the marketing strategy around them.


Ideally, the keywords play an important role in bringing the leads. The potential customers usually search for information based on these keywords. Only if the right keywords are placed perfectly in the content, the page will fetch better SEO and SERP keywords which give it better visibility.

Bounce Rate

If customers tend to quit the site as soon as they enter, it is a warning signal, especially when the bounce rate gets higher. This could be due to various reasons. An attractive and responsive landing page can help resolve the rising bounce-rate.

No. Of Sessions

Sessions let you identify new customers and those who are coming back to the site. This is another important lead factor. As the number of new customers starts declining, it is time to revamp the marketing strategies.

Average time on site

The more time the customer spends on your site, the more captivating your content proves to be. So if the average time on site is good, your concern for bounce-rate could be something else.

Cost per lead

CPL or Cost Per Lead lets the business know the average cost per lead. This is important as it measures how effective a particular campaign is. Online Internet marketing services consider this as an important metric to showcase how effective the campaign has been.


The cost to acquire a customer is important to measure how effective the marketing campaign has been in terms of the returns generated. It is calculated as the total investment done on the marketing campaign divided by the number of leads who were actually converted.

There are more metrics generated which help understand the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaigns in detail. These definitely help the business to understand how well planned and deployed was the digital marketing strategy.



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