Making The Most of Outsourcing for E-Commerce Startups

October 27, 2016

E-commerce has become the most successful form of retail in the recent times. It is more convenient, less expensive to set up and maintain than the conventional retail stores. Their reach online, is also much larger when compared to the much constrained local customers. But they would rather concentrate on sourcing the products and building a progressing market rather than having to indulge on the secondary services such as data entry, customer support, order management etc. E-Commerce establishments, especially the start-ups, benefit greatly from Offshore Outsourcing Services. All subsidiary activities of the start-up can be successfully outsourced to reputed 3rd party agencies for efficient functioning.

The following are some of the aspects of an e-commerce start-up that are quite often outsourced:

Data Entry of Product Details

For any e-commerce firm, it is important to provide complete product information to the customers based on which they decide on the purchase. The product information has to be precise, SEO optimized, accurate, complete and also attractive. For an unskilled staff, considering these aspects while entering the product details may be quite time-consuming. The best way to manage product information for eCommerce Services, is making use of outsourcing.

Editing the Photographs of Product Images

Image editing requires expertise and special editing tools to come up with good quality images that are web-optimized. E-Commerce concerns should consider the size of the image, its resolution, clarity, and the time it takes to load on the website. Loading time and image clarity are important as customers will not wait for more than a couple of seconds for the image to load and will not consider a product with low-clarity images.

Customer Support

Customer support has been one of the most business outsourcing solutions accessed by the e-commerce start-ups. They outsource customer support to efficient BPO companies that can handle queries in multiple languages and across a wide period of time every day. The small start-ups and the SMEs do not have to invest on high-end call centre setups and can leverage from the services more efficiently too. The customer feels a personal touch while connecting with the customer support, if the outsourcing agency is an efficient one.

Technical Support for the website

Technical support is also very important and it is usually outsourced. If anything goes wrong with the website, it has to be up and running again within minimal downtime. This is very crucial for the start-ups’ success. Prompt and complete solutions are a must while dealing with e-commerce solutions and outsourcing is the best way to ensure these.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO are probably another category majorly outsourced. Internet marketing is essential for ecommerce business solutions to succeed in an ever challenging competitive environment. Pioneers in digital and social media marketing services provide exclusive marketing solutions to the e-commerce concern that ensures optimal web traffic and conversions.

These growth hacks are essential for any e-commerce start-up to succeed and outsourcing these secondary services can help the organization to concentrate on their core activities towards success.


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