Top Practices Involved in Designing a Market Research Questionnaire

April 25, 2020

A questionnaire is an important tool in a market research process. Generally, every organization has a marketing department that solely focuses on bringing in more customers to optimize sales. But, to attract the right audience, one should initially analyze and understand their taste, preference, and requirements. A well-designed questionnaire will serve your purpose of gauging the interest of target audiences and evaluating the market conditions.

Preparing a questionnaire requires the involvement of professional hands and a sound amount of knowledge goes into the entire process. Thereon, to face the thrust of existing competition, organizations tend to hire a market research company for meeting their end-to-end demands.

A questionnaire can determine the success or failure of your research and hence, it should be designed in the best possible way. Here’s a list of how to create an effective market research questionnaire!

1. Make your objectives precise and clear. Once you understand the goal of your research, it will be easy for you to prepare the questions revolving and focusing on the objectives. 2. Analyze the outcome of your previous research done (if you have done one) and prepare the new set of questionnaires accordingly. 3. The market research support firms will help you with the preparation of a qualitative or quantitative questionnaire. Both these categories are widely beneficial in the market research service. The quantitative responses will require statistical data whereas the qualitative ones will invite the open-ended questions. 4. The market research service providers will aid you in designing a questionnaire by understanding your target audiences. Each question will be prepared in a way that it grabs the attention of users immediately and sends out a positive result. 5. Depending on the mode of data collection, the questionnaire can vary. Hence, the market research companies will ensure to design a questionnaire in a customized way (for example, some might collect information or conduct a survey via phone, some through email, and so on). 6. Before creating a questionnaire, a brief groundwork should be executed initially. The questions can be open-ended, closed-ended (yes/no), ranking-based, or multiple choice. 7. The order of the questions placed in the survey should be in better order. The important questions should be placed on the top of the questionnaire, followed by the low-priority ones towards the end. 8. Once the questionnaire is prepared, the market research companies conduct brief testing to identify and clean up the flaws. 9. The language used in the questionnaire should be simple and free from technical jargon. Also, avoid using acronyms.

Market research services give a huge focus to the designing of a user-friendly and exciting questionnaire, thereby, helping your business to flourish and accomplish success in the future.




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