Mobile Technology and Publishing – Key Advantages this Technology offers the Publishing Sector

October 05, 2017

The publishing industry is making a slow, but the sure movement towards mobile era. In earlier days, the mobile content was one of the optional usages for publishers. Current technology advantage has made it mandatory for content creators to develop mobile friendly or in other words mobile specific contents. Gone are those days when mobile is used only for communication and people are more interested to use their smartphones for work-related searches, enquiring any information, and reading more on any specific topic of their interest. So, every industry including the publishing sectors wants to explore the hidden potential of this small handy device. So, those organizations who are new to this process, they can take help of any offshore outsourcing services to avail many benefits in long run.

Publishing and Mobile Technology

Due to massive competition in the publishing industry, the process of establishing a new user base, connecting with the new as well as existing users, interacting, and engaging them can be considered as a big challenge. But, by following certain tips any publisher can mitigate the same. Let us throw a light on few major tricks to handle this scenario.

  • Explore New Markets

Mobile technology can help the publishers to explore new markets through content marketing. Organizations should follow an effective and comprehensive approach to create a proper publishing objective while entertaining the existing customers at the same time.

  • Offer Seamless Experiences

These days people prefer mobile access for all the information they need which will help them continue reading the published content without any break. Some publishers go with providing offline access to content or the users can download the content and they can easily access the data in future when they are not connected to the internet. So, publishing industry should have a dedicated and secured mobile web platform to fulfill the user’s demand. There are many eBook publishing services which will help the publishers to reach masses in a quicker and cheaper way.

  • Maintain Uniqueness

No doubt mobile app will make the content interactive, but the publishers should not forget the quality of content they are providing. They should maintain content uniqueness to succeed in the competition. Apart from this, they should provide some learning notes, tips, and scripts to enrich the user’s knowledge. The effective mobile app should provide maximum information in a brief and well-defined manner. Ebook conversion services will help the publishers to create, convert,  and control the quality of the content which will be specific for mobile users.

  • Increase Social Engagement

Social media users are increasing day by day. So, organizations should promote their publications on those platforms to attract their targeted audience.

  • Integrate Visual Aesthetics

Book covers for mobile should be different and better than its physical counterpart. It should be eye catchy to attract more users. And publishers should focus on redesigning the content style for the mobile app so that it will be responsive. They can use digital conversion process to convert the hard copy of their article into the corresponding digital version. They can hire staffs inside their own organization or outsource this process to get an access to efficient and skilled professionals to achieve their target.

So, the publishing industry can follow the above strategies when they have started moving towards mobile technology. It will help them to share their content with a larger audience base. It will enhance the revenues and productivity of the overall organization. And lastly, it will open an innovative avenue of growth for publishers as well as authors.


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