Outsourcing Trends 2022 in BPO Industry

February 25, 2022

The BPO industry is gaining more relevance in the present business world like never been before. After the pandemic, companies still struggle to improve their efficiency to meet the increased requirements and take precautions against unexpected events. These new challenges showcase new trends in the BPO industry. In this scenario, we discuss some of them understanding its role in defining the future of business.

Prioritizing Work Quality

52% of businesses are concerned about a skill shortage in the BPO industry, say experts. It means that BPO services are concerned with improving the skills of their available employees to manage various projects since the world market faces challenges of inflation. In fact, there is an increased demand for more products in the post-pandemic period. As a result, the business will likely regain its full strength in 2022. So, the market competition will be maximum. What it points is the need for skilled workers. As a result, BPO services should invest more in training their staff to achieve technical knowledge in several projects that vary from manual data entry to web designing and development.

Increased Usage of Automated Techniques

As one of the most appealing trends in the BPO industry, automation techniques become more popular nowadays. It gives the fastest results in handling large amounts of data. By using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), companies can deal with technical back-office projects such as data entry, invoice processing, data validation, etc. more effortlessly. Interactive chatbots, voice searching tools, etc. are some popular automated techniques. In fact, it gain enormous popularity nowadays. Also, it is predicted to showcase more hikes in its usage with the exponentially increasing popularity of digital channels. As a whole, they are considered as the best solution in reducing the effort utilized in repetitive tasks. It includes projects like error checks, data extraction, etc. in a BPO company. It enables the effective utilization of the available workforce and thus enhances productivity.

Need to Make Social Media Strategies

It is a fact that browsing social media has become one of the most popular online activities nowadays. As per the studies, around 79% of the U.S. population has at least one social media account. The impacts it makes in defining consumer behavior are enormous. A BPO company pays great concerns to this when social media channels stand as the authentic source of business data. The services offered by BPO services range from social media monitoring to web data scrapping. In addition to these, they help with tracking campaigns and competitor activities, grouping consumers based on certain qualities, and analyzing them with better precision. As a whole, it is one of the top trends in the BPO industry in this hyper-connected digital world.

Cloud Computing Facilities

The usage of cloud computing techniques becomes one of the top trends in the BPO industry as it improves business collaboration with a standardized cloud system. Studies of Forbes magazine reveal that around 77% of enterprises have at least one app functioning in the cloud. Compared with the other trends in the BPO industry, it acts as the aptest way to increase storage capacity and help companies prevent the risk factors associated with data loss when unexpected events are shattering companies continuously. BPO services can provide impenetrable cloud services and ensure the best security measures with it. Better facilities of fast data access and transfer avail companies to respond quickly to the market policies.

Increasing Popularity of Asian and Pacific Countries

The BPO industry is always finding new ways to cope with data management requirements with changes in the business scenario. Several countries like Belarus, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine were tough competitors in the area. But now, Asian and Pacific countries emerge with higher competition. Since every BPO company prioritizes quality, the global market is shifting its trust from companies they have trusted earlier to Asian or Pacific countries. Among them, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. become favorites due to the availability of a large workforce. Emerging as a popular trend in the outsourcing industry, they also have time zone differences with the U.S and European countries, enabling them to bring better efficiency with the work.


The entire business world has huge anticipations for the upcoming trends in the BPO industry. Companies try to educate BPO workers to improve their skill sets to meet the increasing consumer demands of 2022. As a BPO company well updated with industry regulations and policies, Allianze BPO International can help you move along with the top trends in the BPO industry and meet your data management requirements. Reach us at [email protected] and find out how our assistance can become helpful for you.



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