Foremost reasons to choose India for Outsourcing BPO Services

January 14, 2020

Many companies outsource their non-core business processes to offshore locations such as China, India, and other countries. Outsourcing helps in reducing the cost, improves the quality of work, and reduces the time-to-market. Hence, the companies stay ahead in the market. According to a survey conducted recently, 84% of US based companies prefer to outsource BPO services including data processing, data mining, website designing, and search engine marketing and other processes to India.

This is mainly because India gives unmatched quality services at a very effective price and at a good turnaround time. The foremost reasons which make India an outsourcing destination are the government policies along with developing infrastructure and an educated workforce. India is capable to handle any complex projects as per the requirements. Below mentioned are some important reasons that make India a preferred outsourcing destination.

Talent resource

India remains unmatched when it comes to the big pool of skilled and talented human resources. The country has a population of around 1.2 billion people and a huge number of graduates join the workforce after graduating from Indian universities in different fields. It is also the largest English-speaking nation in the world, comparing to the US and UK total population combined. Also, the quality of talent makes the companies outsource.

Government Policies

The government has taken measures to promote India as a safe country for outsourcing to worldwide customers. The government of India has IT development plans as its priority and hence it promotes the growth of information technology in India. Apart from this, there are stringent cyber laws in place to control any sort of criminal activity and give excellent service to global companies.

Flexible pricing options

One of the important reasons why India is on the top as an outsourcing service provider due to the cost-saving provided. This is due to the difference between the costs incurred in business compared to that of a developed country. Good software developers in other developed countries could charge around 50 to 60 dollars per hour but the best BPO company can give prices as low as 15 dollars per hour. This price difference gives the companies to manage their budgets and increase their profits.

No Communication Barriers

In India, there will be no language or communication barrier as it is one of the largest English-speaking nations. Indians are quite fluent in English language and this encourages the companies to choose India as the outsourcing hub.

Committed People

In India, committed people work on the projects. Most of the companies make their employees work for 8 hours a day and sometimes dedicated teams are assigned to work around the clock to meet any sort of deadlines as and when required.

Best Infrastructure

Currently, India is one of the fastest-growing economies. India is also a well-developed country that works with advanced technologies in different sectors. Outsourcing companies in India give their clients perfect solutions as an when required be it the case of simple data entry services or complex data analysis. All the companies have good internet bandwidth to give constant support and communicate with the clients.

When Indian companies are chosen as the outsourcing partner, clients get lots of benefits such as economical prices, international and improved efficiency. The workers are skilled in their fields and committed to meet the client’s expectations.



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