How significant is the role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

March 24, 2020

AI or artificial intelligence in digital marketing has a broadened range of applications and it’s quite significant in the digital era. The revolutionary incorporation of this phenomenal technology emerged out to be highly innovative and has been known to exhibit human-like efficiency, if not, with a more enhanced version of the “think and respond” characteristic.

The integration of AI algorithms is not limited to digital marketing services alone but seen beyond GPS systems, voice recognition systems, hashtags in social media, etc. AI not only saves a huge amount of your precious time but also surges your competitive performance. This evolving and dynamic technology is truly becoming inevitable for all domains.

Global digital marketing companies have deployed AI-based marketing strategies on a wide scale. This new type of targeted marketing was able to deliver enhanced customer experience and satisfaction levels, and businesses were able to gain increased ROIs.

The major digital marketing areas in which AI is making an impact are the following:

Easy and Powerful Search Sessions

The globally popular search engines now use AI technology. This integration is potent and has made all types of search sessions more powerful, smart, and highly precise. AI utilizes data such as search queries of users, their preferences/behavior, navigation to other websites, future assumptions, etc. The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing a major boon to digital marketing companies as nowadays, they can provide highly competent digital marketing services catered to their demographics. With the influence of AI, keywords can be predicted accurately and LSI keywords can be used more effectively. The mainly used keywords by users can now be predicted with enhanced accuracy levels using artificial intelligence for using LSI keywords more effectively.

User Experience is Highly Enhanced

Having a well-established website will gain you increased web traffic. As mentioned in the above point, AI can track and collect specific data on visitor preferences/behavior, massively. Virtual assistance is another forte of AI where it provides major assistance to users from anywhere and anytime. And AI is integrated into virtual assistance in the form of chatbots, voice searches, augmented realities, etc. Customer support systems are widely operated by chatbots that can interact with customers. based on their input queries. The chatbot response is quick and can sustain the interaction with the customers. Augmented realities give visual guidance of products to customers, that enable them to make purchase decisions.

Predictive Marketing

AI can analyze and predict online user behavior such as requirements, activities, future requirements, etc. With precise customer analysis and data, the target audience can be rushed into your business as you can give the exact things that they seek. It helps in retaining new as well as old customers.

Content Development/Curation

Another area where artificial intelligence in digital marketing can save productive time. The technology can develop content, curate it based on valuable data such as past purchases, or other specific interests. It is also capable of transforming any factual data into useful infographics, or you could also develop business stories in minutes with the help of AI.

Voice Assistance

These days users are highly dependent on voice assistance or searches made using AI-based virtual assistants. All they have to do is speak their query and the assistance will be provided effectively. This tech is surely a game-changer for digital marketing companies. The SEO part or methodologies can be enhanced using this tech for high accuracy of queries and interpretation, as it can automatically modify or auto-adjust the same. This is done when a query is submitted to the search engine, and it intelligently picks up useful catchphrases and rephrases them, or the spoken content as per the users’ requirements with accuracy. o.

More Efficiency in Ad Campaigns

AI algorithms can make ad-campaigns perform much better by analyzing vast amounts of real-time and genuine information as the digital marketing personnel gets access to the best content. They can also build up or upgrade their promotion strategies from conventional ones using these data although the innovative aspect has to always come from the human side.

Automated Digital Marketing Services

AI only requires a fraction of a second to trigger insightful customer responses or interactions by analyzing millions of data. Hence, major services in digital marketing are automated as it is more convenient and productive. This method is used in dynamic email marketing, where AI schedules appointments with customers at their peak activity time, using specific communication etiquettes.

Enhances ROIs

AI inventory is packed with insightful data in regards to client practices. This helps in better decision-making processes by providing information regarding their target audience preferences. And the companies can provide better services to customers using AI algorithms fed with data which results in enhanced business ROIs. Artificial intelligence and related technologies are intensely connecting businesses and their customers, towards the future. As a result, customers gain a better awareness of products, and digital marketing personnel understands customers’ preferences, by predicting their buying/selling preferences. This enables marketers to tailor the exact services/products to customers, optimizing customers with better purchase-decisions that favors both the business and the customers as well.



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