The Latest BPO Industry Market Trends After Pandemic

February 18, 2022

History has now been divided into two sections-Before the pandemic and after the pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has made tremendous impacts on our lives that will decide how the world will move on in the future. For instance, the BPO industry faced enormous possibilities and challenges with this, and we still struggle to cope with the changes in economic situations. Here we discuss the top trends in BPO industry after the pandemic and how it benefits business.

BPO industry

1- Increased Popularity of Work-From-Home

According to reports, the percentage of US employees who worked at home for five days or more per week before the pandemic was only 17%. It increased to 44% during the pandemic, and more workers and companies became familiar with it. It means work-from-home was an alternative option for companies before the pandemic. But it has become a necessity after it. For instance, BPO services have practiced remote working strategies years before it, and now the whole world has come in the way of a BPO company. It helps BPO services be more popular, and thus more business firms will trust and rely upon BPO services.

2- Cloud Computing Investments

The urge to invest more in cloud computing techniques is one of the top trends in BPO Industry in recent times. The challenge that arose with remote working is data security and privacy. Cloud computing tools will give resolutions for data storage, migration, analytics, and intelligence over the internet. It helps companies to access their database effortlessly. As a result, it improves information flow. It can also operate with fewer costs and ensure top security over confidential data. As per the report published by Deloitte, 90% of their clients saw the cloud as their primary digital enablers in the outsourcing journey. As a result, a BPO company prioritize giving cloud-based solution to their clients and becomes one of the most appealing trends in BPO industry.

3- RPA or Robotic Process Automation

The post-pandemic period has created a necessity to improve operational efficiency utilizing a minimum workforce. Since the business face shortages of skillful workers, assigning them for routine tasks like error checking, data validation, data entry, data extraction, etc. is not wise. RPA will help companies to handle repetitive works with intelligent robots. They can process large amounts of data and assist human intelligence in arriving at conclusions. The increased usage of automated chatbots for customer interactions indicates the trends in BPO industry. Also, they can handle multiple tasks and can bring results with fewer errors. It will be almost impossible for a human being.

4- Thriving Social Media Services

The entire BPO industry has evolved into a wide variety of services after the pandemic. A BPO company has developed itself into someone creating digital strategies uplifting business firms apart from handling call center jobs. The pandemic has made consumers spend more time online. For instance, they relied upon social media platforms for many purposes ranging from entertainment to eCommerce purchases. As a result, it becomes one of the top trends in BPO industry to make more digital media strategies and rely upon outsourcing firms for projects like social media monitoring, data scrapping, digital marketing, web development, etc.

5- Developing Omnichannel Strategies

Like we have already said, the pandemic period has enforced the usage of online channels and eCommerce stores. In fact, it has made an impact on consumer behaviors, and they still prefer eCommerce stores for purchasing. As a result, companies must develop strategies to communicate with consumers in various channels online and offline. As one of the emerging trends in BPO industry, omnichannel business strategies enable companies to establish their brand name by prioritizing the consumer experience. In fact, omnichannel strategies will help to have a unique brand image where ever the company can make its presence. A BPO company will help develop the best omnichannel strategy for marketing, customer services, web development, and many more.

Wrapping Up

The world has found the requirement of skilled workers to manage the increasing need for products or services after the pandemic. Also, trends in BPO industry like RPA will raise questions about losing job opportunities. BPO services need to confront these issues and find more experts with a variety of skills. For instance, the global market compels the BPO industry to provide more skilled workers who can handle technical and creative projects.

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