The Tiered Cloud Computing Storage System

September 28, 2017

Cloud Computing has become a trending as well as a quite useful service to businesses. All industries benefit from cloud services. Despite being a newer technology, cloud computing has already become quite convincingly affordable to all types of businesses across the world. Offshore Outsourcing Services definitely use the cloud to work around the information they deal with safely.

Cloud storing your files gives many advantages like viewing your files from any phone or computer connected to the Internet. It also provides backup for files. The Tiered system is the new concept in the cloud storage. Tiered storage services offer protection to enterprise information. In tiered storage, data is categorized and assigned to different types of storage media which ultimately reduces the total storage cost. This further optimizes performance. The most expensive part is reserved for the most critical information and the least expensive gets the lower priority data.

Setting up a tiered storage system

In tiered storage, you will have more than one tier which is accessed simultaneously to complete the information retrieval and storage. The first tier, which is the closest to the application will tend to be the most expensive and will have the most critical data. The secondary storage can act as the backup for the first tier. The cost is lesser and the performance will also be lower for the second tier storage. The archived information is stored in the slowest of the tiers which is the least expensive. You can create as many tiers as required based on your requirement and what each brand of storage allows. Storage tiers are not strictly characterized by the selection of disk drives. There are many vendors that offer tiered storage and hence, you can choose the best one that serves your purpose and fits your budget.

In a research conducted in 2016, it was noted that a three-tiered outsourcing market, generally made of traditional IT services providers, IT-as-a-service providers, and offshore centric firms, are working together. The outsourcing company has been gaining and same is the case with the tiered storage system. The offshore providers gain business by providing such services at a much cheaper rate. The offshore outsourcing agents typically target larger companies that are looking out to competent and specialized vendors for rendering specific services. Most of the offshore firms are leveraging the growth owed to the lower labor cost they enjoy in countries like India where skilled labor costs much lesser.

Tiered Storage service helps you bridge the gap between cost, capacity, and performance. This system offers storage on Enterprise-Grade cloud infrastructure which ensures an optimal read-write performance of the applications, without any compromise on maintaining complete end-to-end security.

Enterprises also have to often go to great lengths for assuring that their data is effectively stored and managed. There is significant pressure for the process of data storage and management on enterprise IT resources and on the IT teams. The managed service provider offers their specialized services at a highly scalable, dependable and comprehensive range, designed to offer the highest levels of protection to your critical business assets.

In today’s technology-driven environment, enterprise workloads have become much more difficult to predict and manage. The existing technology, therefore, needs to undergo constant evolution to be competitive in the market.



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