What will be the Role of 5G in the BPO Industry’s Growth?

May 21, 2020

The 5G networking capabilities in the BPO industry will offer more than just ultra-fast speeds and low latency for a major impact across the world, apart from this era being defined by speed and change. And 5G technology is here to make life easier, safer, and healthier with its incredible data transfer speeds delivering exceptional results in real-time. The peak potential of this technology will be instrumental for outsourcing companies in developing varied applications that re revolutionary and truly wireless. Domains such as autonomous driving, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) will witness exceptional growth due to 5G’s higher connection density, and the ability to handle an immense number of connected devices, at the same time.

All these will have a major advantage for any BPO company when combined with their existing network architectures and next-generation technologies. The next-gen technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and other Edge-to-Edge capabilities, will alter user experience across all BPO services and beyond. The 5G revolution will be in the form of interactive and personalized experiences, technicians using context-sensitive 3D animations to complete repairs and new business opportunities for global organizations to innovate.

The characteristics of 5G technology part from being ultra-fast:

  • Massive device connectivity in favor of a global IoT explosion.
  • Ultra-reliable for BPO services using robotics esp. healthcare, manufacturing, etc.
  • Ultra-low latency response time of 5 milliseconds which is 4,000 times faster than reading a sentence eliminating any kind of lags.
  • Better network capacity and coverage spectrum greatly enhancing the customer experience.
  • Uses next-gen LANs (local area networks) to deliver speed, latency within highly secure, and optimized communications channels.

The capabilities of 5G-enabled BPO services provided by outsourcing companies are assured at saving a huge amount of time and money of business organizations compared to the previous metrics.

Prime Sectors Benefiting from BPO Industry -Specific 5G Applications

A partnership with a BPO company will help in combining existing network facilities or architectures of business organizations with 5G technology for a modernized and disruptive impact. And 5G specific applications and services availed from outsourcing companies will have major benefits to the following industries.


Enhances data transfer speeds for usage that increases innovation and digitization of operations. Hence, healthcare organizations can easily meet growing demands, with the quick transmission of healthcare information, and facilitate expansion in telemedicine by harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.


Launch of new, innovative financial services, through wearable technology for highly secure and instant data transfer. The development of revolutionary financial software using AI will enable reliable virtual transactions at ultra-low latency and high data capacity, irrespective of customer location.


 5G-enabled VR and AR can simulate futuristic dressing rooms or even entire physical stores virtually, without having to visit them. Innovation will deliver a personalized experience based on customer trends and purchase behavior using massive data analysis. Retailers can do this by integrating 5G to their existing network architecture to provide powerful new offerings in the hospitality industry.


The high-capacity, wireless flexibility, and low-latency performance of 5G will bring forth futuristic factories or smart factories. These factories will have embedded sensors that will be capable of monitoring several different working environment metrics and aspects. Integrated tools will use information from location or accelerometer data that give insights, usage criteria, helping to guide workers.


Potentially increases transportation visibility and control over different transportation systems. Reliable travel enhancement for goods and people. 5G technology’s integration to existing network architectures will help in unifying all the network protocols, highly improving safety, reliability, and end-to-end connectivity across different cities, and beyond.

5G technology in the BPO industry will have a crucial economic impact that will generate billions in revenue and millions of new jobs. To quickly summarize, 5G’s enhanced mobile broadband enables massive network connectivity enables gigabytes transfer in a second, and has ultra-low latency. An IoT boom is definite, and a huge number of sensor networks along with ultra-high reliability for industrial and vehicular automation. Virtual/augmented reality, Cloud computing, and mission-critical broadband networks are sure to balance income with expenses all the while catering to customer expectations and demands at significant levels of cost-efficiencies. Why 5G makes this difference is because it doesn’t require the implementation of new infrastructure investments as its potential can be drawn out by integrating it with existing ones. It will unleash tremendous IoT opportunities that is massively beneficial to organizations and end consumers alike.



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