Global Brand Promotion Via Our SEO Services

Case Study 02 - Global Brand Promotion Via Our SEO Services

Background - Our esteemed client was into offering the digital marketing services - Print Media, SEO, Newsletter and much more. They are the largest distributors of the medical equipment and other essential hospital related machines to the hospitals and laboratories in the UK.

Requirement - Though they were well-known in the global market, the organization aimed to reach directly to the customers through their search engine friendly website. To achieve this aim, they wanted us to improve their product visibility through our SEO enriched services. Most of their products had a low ranking when searched on the various search engines.

Unfolding the challenge - We started the SEO services by covering the local business areas of our clients, and later on implementing them on a national and an international level. We bought in a unique shopping cart solution and then, customized it for our clients. We discovered the best places on the digital platform, wherein they have a high scope in selling their products and also successfully created the shopping feeds. With the help of a perfect Content Management System (CMS), we ensured to efficiently upload the images, articles, and news items related to their business, with a proper utilization of highly effective and SEO friendly keywords. We also developed an e-newsletter campaign, for the further expansion of their business.

Result - Within the first few months, we saw a rapid growth in the online visibility of their website. After nearly five months, we saw a higher growth due to the effective utilization of the keywords. We have made it possible for our clients to show their presence among their potential customers.


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