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Case Study 03 - Market research support from Allianze BPO International

Background - Recently, we were approached by a baby food products store, based in the US. They are a supermarket outlet and have been a major choice of purchase for the local residents. Due to the sale of fresh and healthy products, they have earned a great reputation among the customers.

Requirement - The client approached us with the simple yet time-consuming and challenging task of entering the data related to the product movement in a well-composed Excel sheet. They wanted us to carry out the support for market research and analysis by performing the bulk data entry.

Unfolding the challenge - Our expert data entry specialists left no stone unturned to achieve the target within the desired time. Initially, they sent us the images of the baby products arranged on the shelves in three-time duration:

  • The first set of images were sent at morning 10
  • The second set of the same shelf was sent at afternoon 3
  • And the last one was sent at night 8

We were supposed to compare the products placed during the three phases and list out the ones that were sold out. Our specialists created an Excel wherein the data was entered with complete accuracy. As it was a bulk data entry task, our staffs needed a high amount of focus and effort.

Result - The project was scheduled for a duration of two-months and we successfully delivered the accurate output within the stipulated time. This helped our clients to track the movement of the product in a better way and it made them analyze the taste and preference of their customers efficiently.


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