10 Market Research Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

September 27, 2018

Technology innovations are changing the way businesses research and transact. Market research is conducted by businesses to analyze the current market trends and to adopt low-risk strategies for penetration or to introduce new products. A competent market research company in India will offer quality research data to businesses that will help them to combat the strong competition prevailing. Market research, these days, involve extensive research on the World Wide Web. As technologies change, market has also undergone solid change. These 10 trends and strategies are making waves in 2018 and you ought to know them:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already being extensively used by businesses for automation, analytics and prediction. Many websites use AI for personalization and prediction to engage customers better. Marketing research will also reap the benefits of AI in 2018.


From manufacturing to banking, every sector is benefiting from automation which is backed by AI and other related technologies. Markets are also leveraging automation to reduce costs and to complete processes faster. It also avoids many human mistakes.


People are using hashtags extensively to attract attention. These tags are a great way to access specific information quickly. Hashtags are used by businesses and people to mark their information with the trending topics. In social media networks, they help to extract all information regarding the topic quickly. They work like keywords in social media.

Social Media Listening

Social media networks are a great source of market information. For all businesses, it offers large volumes of valuable information to devour and benefit from. While there are agencies and tools to extract specific information from different social media networks, social media listening tools will revolutionize marketing research.

Emotional Advertising

Marketers will be focusing more on emotional advertising than intelligent advertising. Emotions are proven to remain in target customers’ mind longer and they make a stronger impact. The invoice data entry services providers will be able to gain more from research based on emotional advertising

Service-oriented rather than product-oriented

Markets are turning to become more service-oriented than product-oriented. Great service is bound to keep the customers happy which in-turn will keep them more loyal to your brand, turning leads into long-term loyal customers.


Research is dependent on information. IoT is a great source of information directly from the users. If your business is looking for customer behavior patterns, IoT will offer firsthand information to the researchers.


Agile Marketing

Marketing agility will depend upon your brand’s predictability, speed and adaptability to the changing trends. Bulk Data Entry services providers offer you ample quality information to help your brand adapt agile marketing methodologies swiftly.

Mobile Usage

Businesses are more dependent upon mobiles than desktops and laptops these days. As more users shift their focus to mobiles, the top market research company you have engaged to collect information will also have to depend largely on mobile usage to collect information.


Brand name will be overpowered by the experience it provides to the customers. The markets are already shifting towards experience-driven advertising and marketing rather than brand-value. More brands are shifting their focus towards providing exclusive experience for customers.



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