Brand Marketing: How Can You Utilize Snapchat in 2017?

April 06, 2017

Story-telling has been a rising trend in content marketing in the recent times. Every day, we see stories on how a company started its initial struggles, its promoters, their personal stories, employees sharing their stories on the company and more on the social media. Such engaging stories have become a great way to keep the target audience to watch what you want to share plus, connect to their contacts as they share them. Snapchat has been used by many companies to promote their brand through Social Networking Services consistently over the last many months. There have been ups and downs, but Snapchat remains a powerful, yet, not fully tapped medium to share content. Here are some interesting ways in which you can use Snapchat’s capabilities in 2017 for brand marketing:

Share a Private Scoop

People are always eager to know what’s happening within an organization. If you there’s something interesting happening within your organization, such as a surprise Birthday party to an employee or a surprise party to welcome the CEO’s new family member, it can be shared through Snapchat. Social Networking Services Outsource partners can help the business come out with engaging content that can go viral over the social media networks.

Go Live with Events

Whenever you have some important events happening in your organization, such as the inauguration of a new branch or factory or a different recruitment drive or some celebrations happening, you can go live with Snapchat through your company’s website and social media networks which will have a great impact on the viewership.

Influencers can help you reach out far

Partnering with celebrity influencers through Snapchat is a great way to reach out to a large audience. Your business outsourcing partner can help you broadcast the same without much hassles, provided you already have a good rapport with the said celebrity influencer. It can surge your popularity by many folds.

Campaigns and Promotions

Just like you use twitter and facebook to promote your marketing campaigns, you can use Snapchat also for the same purpose. Make the most of Snapchat’s features to reach out to the right kind of audience. Make them more attractive and engaging by getting them share their views and experiences on your brand. Encourage your customers to share their images and experiences during the campaign. This can have a much larger impact on the potential customers.

Share a ‘Behind the Scene’ story

Do you have some special events like Annual day celebrations or Christmas celebrations happening in your office? Make it a big deal and share some insider information such as a Behind the Scene of some special program happening. You can get into the kitchen and show what dishes are being prepared or get into the green room and share some candid snaps with performers.

Snapchat lets you leverage the best of Social Networking Services India to reach out to a larger and like-minded audience. This creates a natural connect between the brand and the customer which can help build a long-term relation to success.



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