How to Create a Successful Product Catalog With The Help of Product Data Entry?

June 01, 2017

Product data entry not only involves accurate and complete product details in bulk but also an element of SEO so that the search engines can easily find the site and the product. SEO is not everyone’s cut of tea and hence most of the businesses prefer Offshore Outsourcing Services for product data entry. This comes with a host of benefits such as data accuracy, completeness, categorization, SEO and more. Here are some specific features of Product Data Entry and their importance:

Product Description with SEO

The most important details to be input in a Product catalog is the product name, title and description all of which need to be Search Engine Optimized. This requires some expertise which is delivered efficiently by an experienced BPO Company India. They help create SEO optimized product descriptions which help the online catalog to reach out to a bigger audience.

Product Features and other Information

When you are selling online, all details including the product’s features and any other relevant information on usage should be clearly and completely provided to the customers. This requires the data entry operators to carefully type out such information without any mistakes.

Stock & Reorder Levels

The stock levels are very important to update during product data entry. In fact, once the description, features, and other details are input, the price and stock levels are the main areas that need to be updated periodically by the offshore data entry services providers. Most of the online product catalog databases also let you set the reorder levels and automate the purchase orders, especially for fast-moving products.

Images & Demo Video

Online product catalogues cannot do without images. Nowadays, companies are also uploading demo videos along with the product catalog. When it comes to images, a good description for the image and the alt-tag content are required. For videos, transcriptions help attract people and search engines which will help bringing in more leads to your website and product page. Demo videos and videos that engage customers can drive more leads into your product page.

Price and Discounts

Product catalog and data entry cannot do without a price. But the BPO Services India providing product data entry services must ensure that the price and currency are input accurately. Discounts can help you popularize your product, especially when you are trying to penetrate into a market. Presenting the discounts should be done in an attractive way to help convert the leads.

Product data entry has a lot more to do than just listing out the product details. It needs to be done precisely and accurately. It has to be attractive and SEO optimized to attract leads. It needs to be elaborate and genuine since customers primarily depend upon these details before making the critical decision of purchasing it. An outsourcing partner who’s experienced with product catalog data entry would know the nuances and ensure that your product catalog attracts leads and converts successfully. They will include all marketing, SEO and technical aspects such that your products will look professionally handled.



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