Get More From Your Facebook Marketing in 2017

July 13, 2017

Facebook marketing is an integral part of social media marketing for brands. Facebook help the brands to reach out to the millions of users at any given time across the world. It is so popular that Facebook marketing is synonymously used for social media marketing by many businesses. Though there are other social media networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more, Facebook continues to lead the pack for the last few years. The continuous evolution keeping in mind the users’ demand and behavioral patterns remain the main reasons for Facebook’s continuing success. Offshore Outsourcing Services are engaged for Facebook marketing by businesses as it is a vast market that requires specialized expertise.

Since it is a matter of reaching out to millions of users at a time, it needs to be done efficiently and without any mistakes. The same popularity of Facebook may also backfire if you make any mistake in your campaigns. Outsourcing Facebook campaigns is the safest bet for businesses. One of the main reasons for Facebook to remain the leader among the social media networks is its continuous evolution. This also means Facebook keeps changing its strategies. Every few months, we see a change in the way brands reach out to the customers through facebook. Here are the top 10 Facebook marketing trends to look out for in 2017:


Facebook videos are currently watched by more than 500 million users. According to studies, 100 million hours of video is watched on facebook every day. Now you can understand the reach of Facebook videos.

Go Live

Live videos are proven ways to capture maximum audience. You can later post them on your page or facebook profile too. Social Media Marketing Services Outsource facebook live to competent third parties who plan, advertise and execute them to capture the attention of maximum audience. The best part is that live videos also bring in live responses from the audience.

 Paid Advertisements

Facebook advertisements are not all about organic reach. Paid advertisements are also being extensively used to reach out to a large group of target audience.

Call to Action

Facebook has introduced call-to-action buttons that let the small entrepreneurs to make the most of the social media platforms for their marketing campaigns. Facebook shopping is another feature that lets small retailers function without any app and reap all the benefits of this social media network for business.

Facebook Analytics

Market analytics metrics provided by facebook is very useful. It helps marketing managers decide upon the campaigns in advance and more effectively. Social Media Marketing Services Outsourcing partners extensively use facebook analytics to benefit their customers.

Mobile Optimization

Facebook is probably one of the most used apps on mobiles. Since more customers are using smartphones to access information and connect with people through social media networks, facebook for mobile is a great platform to showcase your brands.

Advanced Targeting

Facebook lets you target the audience using many minute filters. You can choose the age-group, gender, geographic location, behavioural patterns and even previous purchase patterns while targeting our customers.

Email Lists and Retargeting

Retargeting is a great way to reach back to your existing customers with the latest news on your brand. If you have an emailing list, you can upload it to Facebook and target those customers also during your campaigns. When you Outsource Social Media Marketing Services India, they consider retargeting and tagging your existing mailing list for better reach.

 Messenger Bots

Facebook’s messenger bots let you connect and engage with your customers 24 * 7.

Influencer Campaigns

Influencer campaigns are proving to be highly effective in bringing more leads through facebook. Since facebook is more used for personal purposes, an influencer can do wonders for the brand by bringing in more leads from facebook groups.


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