Search Engine Strategies - SEM And SEO

June 22, 2017

If the SEO bug has not yet hit you, it is high time you get it and along with it SEM too. Wondering what these popular yet strange jargons mean? Here’s some insight into what SEO and SEM are and why your business definitely need them both:

What are these - SEO & SEM?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of applying techniques to include the popularly search keywords into your website content so that when people search for the goods and services you deal with, the search engines will find them on your website and list it along with the others on SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. Offshore Outsourcing Services are hired to build a healthy SEO rank for your website through White Hat Techniques so that your brand image remains intact while you build a positive and progressing online reputation. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is applying purely marketing techniques such as paid advertisements, Pay per click and other similar paid techniques to drive leads to your website. This also helps improve the SEO and SERP ranks. Together, SEO and SEM can help businesses reach out to a large number of targeted audiences which is more cost-effective and measurable than traditional marketing techniques.

How’s SEO done and How does it help?

SEO involves using content, keywords and a little bit of code to market your content and ideas to a wide range of audience very effectively. SEO is an ever-evolving and rapidly changing sector. The search engines are very smart and they keep changing their algorithms that decide on the SEO ranking system. Accordingly, the SEO manager has to keep changing the tactics too to make sure that the website rank never goes down and keeps progressing. SEO Services Outsource India keeps constant check on the changing algorithms and comes up with efficient White Hat SEO techniques to maintain a competitive SEO rank and online reputation for your website. The content needs to be relevant, attractive and keyword optimized for people to engage with the website. Visual and video content attracts more customers. So keeping up with the trends is one of the major challenges faced by the SEO team.

What all are involved in SEM and How does it help?

SEM involves adopting paid marketing methods including Google Adwords, Pay Per Click or PPC, Cost Per Click or CPC, CPM or Cost per Impressions etc. This has to be done by experts and hence an experienced SEO Outsourcing Company is engaged to plan and perform SEM activities. All popular search engines offer paid advertisements which help new businesses to be visible on the first page itself at an early stage as SEO takes many months to become effective. For every business, the right SEM plan has to be made based on the budget, marketing goal, industry etc. Since SEM is completely measurable, the outsourcing partner will be able to provide the effectiveness of SEM activities undertaken.

SEO and SEM are two of the most cost-effective methods adopted by Search engine marketing India to generate leads that ultimately convert into business.


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