Top 10 Successful Steps for A Mobile App Launch

February 26, 2019

The mobile app market has become very competitive over the years. To launch a mobile app has become challenging as it becomes just another one in the group, if not done tactfully. It is very important to design a strategy before launching the mobile app on the market. When you invest time and money on mobile app development services without a proper guideline, the success rate may get affected. Below are the top ten steps to successfully launch a mobile app in the market. At the same time, one should be flexible and make amendments as an when required.

Know your customer

The first step of launching an app is to conduct proper market research. This process will help to understand your prospective customer. It not only saves your time and money but also prepares you for the competition rather than entering the market blindly. It will give a clear picture of what customers want and what they dislike in the apps which are already present in the market. Investing in market research will offer a solid foundation to the whole process.

Define a unique sales proposition

The USP or unique selling proposition for the app needs to be defined. It would showcase how the new mobile app is different from its competitors. There could be many points starting from design, features, customer experience and this should be well marketed. Your USP should be strong enough to distinguish your brand and values from the competitors. It is important to cut through the clutter.


Communication between the departments is very crucial as it is an essential part of the mobile app launch. If there is miscommunication it becomes a challenge to pass on the right message and ideas to the mobile app outsourcing company too. The result obtained would be very different from the idea which was initiated.

Set Goals

In order to see if the mobile app launch is successful or not, the organization needs to set some goals. The set goals should include the review benchmark and rating score. The goals targeted would help in measuring the success rate.


The app description is a very important part, especially the first few lines mentioned in the app store. It should be concise and make the consumer interested in the app. The description should have the right set of keywords to bring up the app in searches. A competent offshore mobile app company will bring in bloggers to write about the app in social media.


A list of marketing activities needs to be prepared for promoting the app which includes social media which is easily accessible to technology bloggers. Plan it out properly before the app launch.

Press release

The press release should be planned before launching the app to ensure outreach to the consumers. This should be well-covered by newspapers, magazines and the online media. The press-kit should be prepared with a description of the app with videos and graphics explaining the contents of the mobile app.

Product curation

There are many sites that offer rating to newly launched apps. Make a list of such websites to go through their review sections about Top mobile app developers and accordingly, work on the app.


Once the market research is completed and a proper marketing technique is used, it is now the turn to launch your app in the app store.

User Feedback

It is important to pay attention to the user feedback. Users may share their usage experience through reviews after the launch. Go through each review and take the necessary action as required. Make sure you respond to both positive and negative reviews. The user should be informed about the changes you make based on the reviews to improve your brand loyalty.

The world should know about the mobile app launch. So, all the steps mentioned above should be performed in an order leading to a successful mobile app launch.


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