The Necessity of Having Automated Data Collection

July 16, 2020

Gone are the days when business firms used to collect the data manually. With the rising technology advancements, data research services or automated data collection process has been modified further for generating quick and efficient results. We all are aware of the reality that collecting the data manually can be a time-consuming and risk-involving process. Because, data is an integral element of every business, especially the market research companies or healthcare industry, it should be accumulated with preciseness.

Automated Data collection

The automated data collection process is considered to be a game-changer strategy as the data gets accumulated and stored in a reliable and easily readable electronic format. The popular data collection or data capture technologies, existing in the current business scenario includes – OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and Image Scanning. Before we find out the necessities of having an automated data collection technique within your business, let’s talk about these technologies in a nutshell.


OMR technology identifies the absence/presence of a mark and it is considered to be the fastest mode of data collection by the market research analysts. The OMR forms are specialized records that require the need for vital registration. If the OMR forms aren’t handled professionally, it could have a negative impact on the data collection process. OMR scanning tends to produce results with an accuracy of 99.99%, only in the instance of filling the OMR forms correctly.


It involves the generation of pre-printed documents. And this is considered to be expensive and inflexible, at times.

Image Scanning

It primarily utilizes the mark-sense technology for identifying the marks present on a form. Though it sounds similar to the OMR technology of accumulating data from multiple-choice questions, the concept of mark-sense technology is somewhat different. In this technology, the scanner captures the black and white image of each form field. Later, it spots the pixel differences between the images scanned and the template. Ultimately, it brings out the marks.

Coming to the subject, here’s the need for having an automated data collection process!

Eliminating Paperwork

If you are considering to turn your office workspace into a paperless scenario, automated data collection is regarded to be a big jump. This will eliminate your action of going through piles of paper-based documents on an everyday basis. A paper-dependent office involves a huge amount as you struggle to keep these documents and files organized. You have to spend on cabinets (for filing and storage purpose), ink, stationery items, rent of the excessive physical space, etc. And all these unwanted factors of cost can be eliminated with the automated web data mining service.

Enhanced Clarity and Minimal Errors

Approaching the digital data storage and web data mining process is one of the best ways to minimize the data cluttering in your organization. When you store the accumulated data electronically, you can ease the process of data access by the assigned personnel at any time and from any device. Thereby, you needn’t spend your valuable hours in searching for a specific file or record. Also, the automated data collection process is well-known for minimized or no errors. The documents of your firms can be easily filled out, preserved, and retrieved with more accuracy and reliability.

Improved Flexibility

The image scanning process is considered to be highly flexible as it does not involve any special colors of ink or crucial form registration process. The forms can be in black/white and the images can be preserved and indexed in any data field (accumulated during the scanning procedure). It is the most recommended automated data collection technology that delivers accurate results with maximized flexibility.

So, are you convinced of preferring automated data collection over the manual data collection process? If not, it’s advisable to make a shift towards the implementation of digital/automated data capture. Such advanced technologies have found a deep relevance in the market research support service and other related domains of business functions. Also, if you want to get the work done in shorter time duration, the automated data collection process is the best way out.

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