Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services includes identification and extraction of information from documents, and convertion of them into a machine readable document. Allianze BPO Internatonal one of the best data capture company and being your trusted outsource partner provide you with excellent data capture services. Our years of work experience in the field is our showcase. Industries like marketing, healthcare, photography, education and other business could make use of our services.

To know more, have a look at our work flow.

Our Data Capture Work Flow

Allianze BPO International comes with a clear and unique workflow to provide its clients with better quality services.

Our workflow includes steps like:

Step 1: Data capture using document scanning techniques like radio frequency identification (RFID) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition.

Step 2: Image Deskew- The image is rotated as per the skew amount in opposite direction.

Step 3: Processing- In data processing, the manipulation of raw data by the computer is done.

Step 4: Analysis- In data analysis, inspection, cleaning, transformation and modelling of data is done to get the desired information.

Step 5: Storage- The final output is stored in the computer.

Data Capture Services

Allianze BPO International comes up with many data capture services. Some of them are:


Forms like sales, billing, surveys, records, order, resumes, directories and applications come under data capture processing.


Includes credit and debit invoices, sales and billing, customer invoices, commercial invoices and more.


Including catalogues, ebooks, brochures, photographs.


Patient diagnosis, questions, pharmacy database, claims, disease registers and more.


E-mail, sales transactions, products, market data, industry data etc.

Why make hands with Allianze BPO International?

Allianze BPO International benefits you in many ways. Some of them are through:

  • Well experienced professionals, technologies and resources that manage data capture services.
  • Make use of best scanners to scan the data.
  • Better quality output.
  • Short turn around times.
  • Affordable price for the client.
  • Better or 100% security of data.
  • Fine customer service.
  • Provide best data scanning and indexing services.
Our word to you

Our data capture solutions provide you with highly innovative and unique information. Allianze BPO International, a data capture company has been working for years with its customers who belong to different business. Thus, for outsourcing your database extraction services, drop a mail us at [email protected]

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