Transformation of Market Research industry with AI – Know-How?

July 02, 2020

With the growth of technology and digitization practices, the concept of AI in market research Industry has turned out to be an emerging demand. Previously, before the invention of machines, huge manpower was required to perform business operations. But, with the advent of technologies and tools, industries such as market research and its support service providers have been benefitted immensely. In the existing business scenario, market research companies seek the integration of artificial intelligence techniques to make the system smarter. This will enable the yielding of productive results that are generated within a quicker time-frame. Your though is right – artificial intelligence can help your market research firm to accomplish success in the future.

Market Research Industry

Market research is one of the prominent domains that comprise of customer insights. Usually, traditional market research practices are time-consuming and challenging as it requires vast knowledge and experience. Whereas, on the other hand, bringing and working on new technologies such as artificial intelligence or machine learning can help in developing efficient market research results.

Artificial intelligence service has been making the market research jobs easier and better for people such as generating more data insight and easing the interaction process through natural language processing and conversations.

Let’s see how does AI transforms the market research industry?

  • AI can process the survey, thereby, generating customized questions and answers
  • Generating deeper insight after implementing the data collection process
  • Speeding up the process of making business decisions and strategies by integrating the gathered data
  • Aiding the data automation process in an easy and simplified way
  • AI in market research will help you to survey the market (both local and global) continually
  • AI will help in providing a comprehensive overview of the data available through social media and the behavior of customers
  • Easing the process of analyzing the data in real-time
  • Eliminating the possible pitfalls that would occur during the manual intervention
  • Will help you to predict the obstacles that might hinder your market research or market research support process
  • AI will help in storing and remembering a bulk of researched data and executing the challenging calculations that are based on these data sets
  • Reduces the time that is being spent on analyzing the qualitative responses, especially in handling open-ended data
  • AI can boost community management, thereby, minimizing the risk possessed due to disengagement
  • Generally, the behavioral predictions used in market research involve a huge set of data. It could contain the details of community members such as login counts, visited pages, or the time and duration of logins. It can enhance the building of individual engagement profiles and hence, AI assists in identifying the members who are at the risk of being disengaged.
  • Artificial intelligence enables the better use of chatbots to accumulate qualitative research at a large scale
  • AI is also helpful for the market research companies in helping to identify new opportunities, developing and branding new products, examining the market performance, and reviewing the supply chain
  • AI-driven market research practice optimizes the supply chain, such as improved predictive supply chain.


To survive the growing business competition globally, collaborating with an artificial intelligence company can enhance your market research organization. AI in market research will improve the overall marketing strategies, sales procedure, in-depth customer behavior, and so on. Allianze BPO International is emerging to be the globally-reputed artificial intelligence and machine learning service provider, rendering the top-notch results that are largely beneficial for the market research companies. Along with providing the best market research support solutions, we’ll ensure in integrating that advanced technologies such as AI and automation to boost productivity and quality. To get free consultations and inquiry, feel free to get in touch with our team at [email protected]



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