Web Scraping Challenges faced by eCommerce Businesses

April 22, 2021

Web data scraping services involve data extraction from a website. The information collected is then made to a format which is useful for the user. Today, web scraping is a hot topic due to the increased demand for data. People are extracting more and more data from the websites to go ahead with their business developments. But many web scraping challenges are faced by the e-commerce business thus hindering to get the data.

Web Scraping Challenges

  1. Complex design and changing Web page structures

 HTML web pages are made commonly.  Today, web page structures are different as the designers have diverse standards to design the pages. So, to scrap different websites, it is essential to build a scraper for each website.

Also, websites change or update their content for adding new features and to provide a better user experience. This makes structural changes to the web page. Each web scraper is designed for a particular page based upon the page design. Hence, when the web page gets updated, the scraper won't work.  Also, any form of small changes in the website would cause to make adjustments with the scraper.

  1. Honeypot Traps, Bot access, and Captcha

  •  Honeypot Traps

 To catch the scrappers, a honeypot trap is put by the website owner.  These traps are links visible only to scrappers.  When the scrapper gets into the trap, it will block the scraper from data extraction.


  • Bot Access

Before starting the scraping process, it is always good to check whether the website provides an option for it.  If there is no option via robots.txt,  you must have to ask for scrapping permission from the website owner.



CAPTCHA is done to separate humans and scrappers apart. This is done by displaying images or other logic problems that could not be solved by scrapers. Today, there are technologies to get out of CAPTCHA, but it makes the scrapping process slow.

  1. Crawling Efficiency

 Achieving better efficiency is the next problem.  Once, a large scale data extraction is done, achieving better efficiency is essential. The crawling must take only a less manual approach and in less time the data must be scraped out. To achieve it, any form of distractions in between like data requests should be eliminated. If not, it would affect the crawling process, making it slow.

  1. Archive better Quality Data

 Data is gathered from different sources, thus it is prone to different vulnerabilities.  Manual monitoring is difficult to solve the inaccuracy and inconsistency in data as it is in large volume.

To solve it, make use of data scraping companies which uses an automated system to check out the inconsistencies or perform a quality analysis when designing the web scraper bot. Thus, saving time and money.


 There would be many web scraping challenges arriving in the future.  So, the only thing to reconsider is to treat the websites nicely. Once the web data scraping  services is done, the e-commerce business could benefit from insights and targeted campaigns. And thus showing a better sale, ROI, and conversions. So it is better for e-commerce businesses to allow data scraping outsourcing to data scraping companies.

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