XML Conversion Services

Xml Conversion Services

Allianze BPO International, the best data entry company, provides you with a standardized, clean and reliable XML conversion service. Applications like magazines, digital content, journals, manuscripts, and newspapers could make use of XML conversion. Our professional experts work for better quality, efficient and accurate XML conversions. Whatever be the project size, we ensure that the clients' needs are met.

XML is one of the widely used web publishing file format which could store, manage and distribute the information over the Internet. To describe a file, XML makes use of tags. These tags represent the data. So it could be stored in this format and properly managed when exported to another format.

Our XML Conversion Services

When outsourcing your business to us, Allianze BPO International provides the following XML Conversion services.

  • Convert XML to Excel

  • Convert XML to csv

  • Convert XML to pdf

  • Convert XML to HTML

  • XML to web page

  • XML tagging services
  • Text to XML
  • Word to XML
  • PDF to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • Excel to XML
  • RTF to XML

Our XML Conversion Service Work Flow

With years of experience in the field and being one of the trusted partners in our services, we always follow a dedicated and systematic workflow to achieve better work output. Our workflow step is:

Step1: Understand the client requirements.

Step2: Receive files and documents in HTML,XML, RTF, and PDF formats. If in paper format, perform the scanning process.

Step3: Proofreading and use of OCR processing.

Step4: Preprocessing to get the required portions of the documents. The output obtained is used in the next step.

Step5: Perform XML conversion. It encodes the documents to make them machine-readable.

Step6: Check the output for quality.

Step7: Final output delivered to the client.

Get to know Allianze BPO International through our benefits

Through outsourcing the XML conversion services to us, Allianze BPO International provides the following benefits.

  • Achieve cost-effectiveness.
  • Reduced turnaround time.
  • Better scalability.
  • Better output accuracy.
  • Handle large volumes of data.
  • Better security.
  • Provides regular communication.
  • Provide customer satisfaction.

Work with Us

Allianze BPO International makes use of our professional expertise, resources, and technology to provide the best to its clients. Industries like real estate, e-commerce, health sectors, and market research could partner with us for our XML conversion services. To know more about our services and to work with your projects mail us at [email protected]

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