Form Processing Services

Form Processing Services

Is your business often facing the dilemma of managing handwritten or printed forms? Allianze BPO International, the best offshore outsourcing service provider in India, can help your business to carry out the form processing services, both automated and manually. From banks, financial institutions, legal firms, logistics, corporate, educational institutes, to retailers, our experts have the proficiency to serve the top-notch industrial verticals.

At ABI, our devoted employees will integrate the advanced automated and manual techniques to interpret, capture, process, and modify the unorganized data forms into a well-streamlined one. Be it a hard copy or scanned version of the form, we’ll extract the vital data, building a formatted and robust database. Our automated form processing software will extract the data from various sources including paper, surveys, tax sheets, customer satisfaction forms, applications, fax/email forms, and order forms. We’ll ensure to render final outcome in a format, as prescribed and required by your business needs.

ABI’s Form Processing Services

  • Tax form processing

  • Product registration forms

  • Medical form processing

  • Legal form processing

  • Payroll form processing
  • Shipping form processing
  • Invoice form processing
  • Mortgage form processing

Should You Prefer Automated Form Processing Service?

Though we offer both the manual and automation process, to keep your business thrive the ongoing global competition, you can hire our automated form processing solutions.

  • Transforming the paper forms into a digital version.
  • Generating computerized scripts to search and collect data with the help of keywords.
  • Extracting the information from these forms.
  • Organizing the data collected into an online database that can be accessed by authorized personnel.

Get to Know About our Workflow!


Collecting raw data


Analyzing the data


Data sorting


Organizing the data


Data interpretation


Storing the data

Why Should You Think of Collaborating with ABI?

  • Eliminating your headache of dealing with the complexities of form processing measures.
  • Automated or manual, we offer both kinds of processing without a compromise on quality.
  • Proven experience in handling both the structured and unstructured forms.
  • Mitigating the possibilities of errors and various involved risks, leading to enhanced efficiency.
  • Capturing and converting the raw data into meaningful information and maintaining accuracy.
  • Rendering the final result in any formats such as MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, PDF, etc.
  • Robust data security measures such as powerful backup, firewall, and updated antivirus software.
  • Consistent data authentication and validation to ensure zero-errors before the final delivery.
  • Applying the sophisticated technologies and boosting the productivity status.

Allianze BPO International has the on-hand experience in processing customized, small-batch, or a large volume of simple and complex forms. Our friendly team guarantees to work round-the-clock to assist you in organizing and processing the forms, for a better data management system.

From providing an affordable solution and guiding your business to focus on the core operations, we are the right choice to optimize your form processing projects.

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